Zilch lists four different ways people can save money and live a happy life

An article from Zilch summarizes four different ways people can save money. Zilch, a platform that preaches its slogan, buy now pay later, argues these tips can work for anyone, whether they are a Generation Z individual or not. The first tip is to use time wisely because it can not be given back. The article preaches for individuals to use their hours of free time to do things they feel are fulfilling. This can be different for anyone, some could like cooking, simply relaxing, making a podcast, or doing yoga. The main idea is to do activities that add fulfillment and add happiness. This can sometimes simply be doing things that are not associated with a price tag. The second tip is to take the time to learn something new, whether that be learning new things by taking courses on Coursera or watching some YouTube videos. Today’s real-world is built upon skills, so, earning certificates and taking seminars/workshops on LinkedIn can be rewarding.

People can also choose to pursue a side gig they were always passionate about and try to turn it into a career. The article urges individuals to take some risks and remember to create a business that offers something different and appealing to consumers. Either way, they state it is best to just try because at least people can learn more about themselves in the process. The last piece of advice from the buy now pay later platform is to install a banking app that keeps a track of finances and cash flow. The application allows people to regularly check on their account balances and grants the option to move money around. Zilch, the buy now pay later platform, can do just that for customers. People can buy items they want and pay the debt over six weeks. The buy now pay later option allows customers to get what they want and pay it off over time like a credit card. Zilch also allows people to manage their budget through weekly check-ins.

Learn more about Zilch: https://www.payzilch.com/top-tips-for-spending-responsibly/

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