Why Tieks Is Paying Attention To Equal Employment Opportunities In Los Angeles

Making meaningful impacts on the community is something that each organization in the market should be endeavoring to have today instead of looking to achieve comprehensive profits that most of the companies have been looking to achieve. However, there are very few companies that believe that being a good company that offers some impact to the community changes the profitability that the company has been getting in the market and through various approaches.

Under the influence of Kfir Gavrieli, Tieks has been heavily involved in making a huge impact on the community. There are various strategies that the small company has consistently incorporated in its industrial operations as a means of making some difference in the community where it has been operating. Equal employment opportunity is one of the most important aspects that the company has been handling within its industrial operations.

Today, there are very many issues that have been prevailing in the country that have everything to do with the issue of discrimination. It is something that a huge number of companies have not been able to solve and which they have been working through the various techniques to help in solving. One of the issues has had everything to do with hiring the right employees in the community to help in ensuring that a company is succeeding as needed.

Tieks has already been very effective in achieving consistent success in the industry, but its main focus has always been to have an equal society. There is no other organization in Los Angeles that has made the issue of equal employment opportunity viable than Tieks. Kfir Gavrieli has been overseeing the transformation of the organization to make sure that each person who is qualified gets an opportunity in the organization without paying too much attention to their backgrounds.

Tieks came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of their sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team. Tieks is a popular lender at KIVA and has extended microloans to women of color worthy ten million dollars and above.See this page for additional information.


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