Vik Bansal Pleads With Aussies To Join In The Efforts For A Better, Sustainable Future

It is not clear on the amount of waste the world has today. However, in the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest water body, there lies an island of waste products that have been thrown into it for days. According to Vik Bansal, the amount of waste mainly plastic in the ocean is three times when compared to France. If what Vik is saying is true, then there is reason to believe that unless something is done urgently, the livelihood of marine animals is at stake. In a recent statement to the press, the renowned self-proclaimed environmentalist said there could be 1.8 trillion plastic pieces resting on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Although waste, the plastics and other biodegradable trash that is currently on the Pacific Ocean can be used to regenerate other usable products. To Vik, the government needs to invest in the collection and reproduction of the waste that is on the ocean. In the end, a vast industry will be build, which in turn will be home to hundreds even thousands of young Aussies. Vik Bansal says some of those that will work in the industry are technicians, mechanics, and young men and women who have degrees without jobs. Vik’s estimation is that if the issue is left unattended, the ocean is likely to be home to over 27 billion tones worthy of municipal waste by 2050.

Thanks to his efforts, several private firms, the government and other stakeholders have come in with the government promising that it will give $134 million. This money, when finally issued, will be used to purchase tools and equipment for the construction of a recycling plant. Vik Bansal has been using Cleanaway firm for many years, championing for a cleaner and more sustainable Australia. He has over 20 years of experience having worked with different high-end firms in his country, the USA and parts of Asia.

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