The Unlikely Success Story of Bobby Kotick: How He Built Activision Blizzard

Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game company he helped build from the ground up. Under his leadership, the company has become one of the most successful in the world. But Kotick’s road to success was not an easy one. He faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, but he never gave up. In this article, we will look closely at Bobby Kotick’s life and career and learn what made him such a successful businessman.

Bobby Kotick was born in 1962 in New York City. His father was a successful businessman, and his mother was a homemaker. Kotick’s parents divorced when he was just a child, and his mother raised him. As a youngster, Kotick was not particularly interested in video games. He was more of a sports fan and played tennis and baseball. However, Kotick’s life would take a very different turn when his mother remarried and moved the family to California.

It was in California that Kotick first became interested in video games. He started playing them at arcades and quickly became hooked. Kotick soon realized that there was money to be made in the video game industry. He started his first company, Total Entertainment Network, in 1991. The company was a failure, but Kotick learned from his mistakes and created Activision, which would become one of the world’s most successful video game companies.

Kotick has always been a risk-taker. He is not afraid to take chances, even if they might not always work out. This has helped him achieve great things in his career. For example, when Kotick started, he convinced a friend to invest $75,000 in his company. The friend agreed, but only if Kotick would give him half of the company. Kotick agreed, and it turned out to be a very wise decision. The company eventually went public and made the friend very wealthy.

Kotick is also not afraid to make tough decisions. In 2007, he fired one of his company’s most popular developers, Infinity Ward, after they had a falling out. The move was highly controversial, but it ultimately paid off. Kotick replaced Infinity Ward with another development studio, Sledgehammer Games, which created the hugely successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Bobby Kotick is a true success story. He has overcome many challenges in his life and career and has become one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Kotick has built Activision Blizzard into a video game powerhouse thanks to his risk-taking nature and dedication to his work.

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