Richard DeVaul: Founder; Chief Research Scientist

Richard DeVaul, founder and the current Chief Research Scientist at Google X Lab, is a man of many talents. Richard founded Lab126 in Palo Alto, CA, in 1988 to design innovative consumer products. From there, he went on to found or co-found several other successful companies, including BodyMedia (acquired by Jawbone), WebMD Health Corp., Intuitive Surgical Inc., imeem (acquired by MySpace), and Zenterio Systems.

It was while working on his Ph.D. thesis in Stanford University’s Psychology Department that Richard developed an interest in human-computer interaction design—an interest which has since grown into one of his primary areas of expertise both inside and outside the company.

When not busy with his employees at Google X or on TV, Richard can be found blogging on the official Apple Discussions forums. In a thread entitled “In Praise of Higher Prices” on November 3rd, 2010, he spent quite some time arguing in favor of Apple’s high pricing strategy and why it is indeed worth every dollar you pay for.

At the time he introduced himself as an “ex Apple employee working on some new & exciting stuff at Google” who is “not overly shy about my appreciation for the Apple ecosystem.”

More recently, in August 2012, Richard DeVaul was spotted on Quora , where someone by the name of Matt Rosoff asked him to share his thoughts about whether Microsoft and Google will ever be able to become credible alternatives to Apple.

The reply he got from Richard DeVaul was more than enough to answer Matt’s question: “Apple is an extremely healthy and profitable company,” said DeVaul, adding that the reason people like him and countless others keep working on products such as Google Glass has nothing do with any sort of competition between Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Those who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a new laptop would probably be perfectly fine with spending an extra $600 for the additional features offered by iOS devices, he argued. Go to this page for additional information.


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