Molekule Air Purifier Review

Clean air is one thing people might take for granted, but not many realize that poor sleep is just one of many things impacted by poor air quality.

Asthma, Allergies, and Air Quality

Some people might attribute sneezing or a stuffy nose to seasonal allergies. But looking into a hidden issue, it might just be the very air you are breathing in your room. Looking into an air purifier might be the perfect solution to fix the poor air quality in your bedroom.

The all-new Molekule air purifier breeds apart from other air purifiers that use traditional HEPA filtration technology. The Molekule uses a PECO filter or Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. Developed over twenty years, PECO is a groundbreaking technology that uses free radicals to oxidize pollutants. This technology can destroy contaminants 1000 times tinier than traditional HEPA filters!

Molekule Ordering, Shipping, and Cost:

You can order directly from the company’s website, and currently are running $65 off specials. After receiving an email confirmation, the Molekule arrives in a box a few days later. The setup process was a breeze, according to one reviewer. Retail pricing is $799. There is also a Molekule mini for bedrooms, which retails for $399.

Final Recommendation: According to one reviewer who put the Molekule to the test, the Molekule was, by far, the best purifier on the market.

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