Min-Liang Tan’s Accomplishments In The Gaming Industry

Min-Liang Tan is a vital figure in the gaming industry. He is the founder and the executive leader of Razor company, specializing in developing the world’s first-rate gaming devices and software. Mr. Tan grew up in Singapore and studied at the National University of Singapore.

Despite holding a law degree, the avid Razer CEO gave up his career for the gaming industry. He is the mastermind of the Razor company. Over the years, Mr. Tan’s love for gaming, innovative and competitive spirit, and willingness to take up the next challenge have propelled Razor’s success in the industry.

In addition, his passion and outlook for gaming have given Razor company a potent edge in the marketplace. Mr. Tan’s go-getter attitude has placed the company steps ahead of its competitors for over a decade now. In the beginning, Min-Liang aimed to create a company that develops top-notch gaming mouse.

Razor achieved this by producing and distributing Boomslang mouse famous for its high-performance capabilities. However, Mr. Tan’s desire to surpass other companies has made Razor tech company develop and own multiple gaming products. The company also owns MOL Global, based in Malaysia.

Razer Inc is a billion-dollar company with an unmatched global clientele base. To meet customer demand and achieve production efficiency, Tan makes strategic capacity planning and proper scheduling. With Min-Liang Tan at the helm, Razor has created close liaisons with china-based JD.com, Lazada, and SingTel. Razor has also expanded from its Singapore Asia location to own over 16 offices globally.

Tan has guided Razer to come up with its own digital payment network. Currently, Mr. Tan is working on getting a banking license. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Razor produced and distributed face masks for free. Min-Liang Tan is a high-net-worth entrepreneur in Singapore. However, he lives in San Francisco. Refer to this article for additional information.


Find more information about Tan on https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/17139559


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