Michael Capiraso Joins JoggingBuddy To Help Runners Help Each Other To Achieve Their Goals

The name Michael Capiraso is likely to be familiar to people in a wide range of different fields and hobbies. He’s made considerable waves within the intersection of sports and consumer goods. For example, he’s a large part of the success of the NFL’s brand-building efforts. Capiraso has also served as president & CEO of the New York Road Runners (NYRR). And it’s in this capacity that one can see why he was the perfect choice to act as an advisor to JoggingBuddy. JoggingBuddy and enthusiasm for a group like the NYRR go hand in hand. Read more at Bloomberg

In fact, that ability to join different passions into a singular whole is a large part of what JoggingBuddy is all about. As a CEO working with runners, Michael Capiraso is quite aware of how much team spirit means within athletics. Everyone has those days when they just can’t muster up the enthusiasm needed to really give 110% within their sport. And that’s just as true for people running, jogging or even just distance walking as a hobby. However, professional athletes have coaches. That’s usually not the case for people engaging in their daily run.

But JoggingBuddy turns that certainty around. It instead leverages other runners to get the same advantages which come from being on a team or benefitting from coaching. Having a training partner through JoggingBuddy keeps people on track to make and reach their goals. Likewise, helping others keep up with their running goals often helps us with our own.

And of course, Capiraso is no stranger to travel. Many of his business efforts have helped people all over the world. Likewise, part of what drew his attention to JoggingBuddy is the idea of helping the global community get fit. The platform makes it easy for travelers to find running buddies in a wide variety of destinations. It’s easy to see why someone with such global interests would be drawn to the JoggingBuddy platform. It’s equally clear that Capiraso’s influence will mean great things for the platform’s future.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelcapiraso

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