John Savignano Accounting

John Savignano is a proficient businessman who lives in New York City. Savignano has offered many services to Fortune 100 companies and high net individuals, pertaining to advisory, accounting, and tax services, for over 30 years.

An accountant is in charge of keeping track of the accounting records of a corporation. According to Savignano, the responsibilities that are accorded to an accountant should require a person of certain qualities and traits.

John believes that every accountant should have a deep passion for math; even if it isn’t fun to learn at school. Math gives the basic knowledge of calculating figures as well as the knowledge of mainstream financial theories and concepts.

The financial records of a company are the sole responsibility of the accountant. As such, an accountant should have good analytical skills to help them in providing reliable data when they are examining data.

Accountants may not necessarily be the ones doing the calculations. However, according to John Savignano, analytical skills are still needed by an accountant to be able to detect problems and analyze financial trends.

Accountants also have the responsibility of a corporation’s books of accounts and they should strive in looking for potential investment opportunities. Accountants should also possess the trait of paying keen attention to be able to note any discrepancies that may arise.

Any company that aims at having a good reputation should always have its financial records kept in an organized manner and updated regularly. The work of accountants is to identify any mistakes and suggest solutions for such. They are also crucial when balancing the accounts for the company.

Accountants are excellent professionals who safeguard the books of accounts of a company, especially when they have been given independence in operation. John Savignano advises accountants of the importance of seeking the knowledge of their peers, especially when they have issues pertaining to numbers.


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