Jason Hope on How to Reverse Aging

Jason Hope is a well-known internet entrepreneur, and he’s unbelievably accurate in making predictions about future technologies. His latest article discusses the five major technologies that will change our lives in the coming years. He talks about Virtual Reality and how it will be used to enhance sports broadcasts, play 3D games on smartphones with friends, and communicate with remote people.


He also discusses how drones may soon replace human infrastructure planners’ jobs as camera-equipped robots travel quickly across regions. As Jason Hope explains, with drones being used for policing too on an international scale, he says that drones have the potential to create a more peaceful society.                                                                  Activist Investor Jason Hope


Speaking of peace… Jason Hope says that he’s certain that within ten years, we’ll see a completely cashless society. He also talks about how Artificial Intelligence will change our lives for the better. He specifically mentions Google’s AlphaGo AI software and how it beat a human world champion in Chess and Go last year. 


Activist investor and business expert Jason Hope explains how many companies are developing self-driving cars to be introduced to the market in the coming years. As for health, the activist investor and philanthropist believes that as we get older, there will be breakthroughs that can help reverse aging. His final prediction is about virtual classes being used by schools worldwide as students and teachers interact remotely and learn from each other at incredible speeds through videos and instruction manuals.

 This article explains why as Jason Hope explains. He talks about the importance of better batteries in electric vehicles and how 12kWh battery packs are being developed that can increase range by as much as 20%. As for charging technology, Hope says that since more people want to drive electric cars, more charging stations will be built around the world.

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