Important Information about SextPanther that You Should Know

SextPanther is a sexting website meant for use by adults. Its founders ensure that they provide a safe platform for the users to have fun as they chat. The company has over one million users, with most of them joining the platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. SextPanther uses more than just texting to provide its users with better entertainment strategies for today’s world. SextPanther’s content creators use the platform to connect with fans from different places for conversations and sharing of personal information through the internet safely. These days, people prefer sending messages instead of making calls, which contributes to the growing number of users joining the platform.

The company provides a number where users can call whenever they need to talk to the content creators. Unlike other sexting apps, SextPanther’s website provides a safe place for intimate conversations for the users’ engagements. The firms assure all users of safe experiences.

One only pays for the services if they want to engage in the chats. It allows the content creators to market their services how and when they want. Initially, SextPanther specialized in texting. However, the company later introduced video and audio calls for interested users. You do not pay anything while signing up. You should only provide your email address, username and password to register.

After creating the account, you can explore the website to learn how it works. All the premium users pay between two and five hundred dollars for upgrading their membership. The company ensures that all content creators and subscribers get security and privacy as they use the platform.

After subscribing to the services, all content creators should ensure that no information leaks. They get paid for the services twice each month depending on the number of users one has and the amount of money they create. Refer to this page for additional information

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