Dennis Lynch and Marshall Lynch Youtube Video Recaps

Dennis Lynch and Marshall Lynch, a father and son team, are based in Rumson, New Jersey, and are real estate experts in the industry. Dennis Lynch is a real estate analyst who specializes in buying and selling strategies. Dennis has perfected his real estate analysis techniques in the last decade. Dennis Lynch recommends using social media apps like TikTok for both sides of a real estate transaction. The marketing tool is extremely effective in increasing your exposure to buyers or sellers and is a cost-effective way of advertising.

For real estate professionals, he also suggests developing a unique selling point. With 55,000 real estate professionals in New Jersey, it’s important to stand out by offering services that aren’t available through other real estate agents. This includes offering insights for local market analysis. Try to become the best in your specialty to become more competitive and have an advantage over other professionals. It’s also necessary to have a repeatable position in place. If you want to succeed, there should be a system in place for each step of the real estate transaction.

Dennis Lynch and Marshall Lynch are committed to staying updated on the latest trends to ensure they can continue to inform their customers when it’s the best time to buy or sell a property. With over 1,000 transactions performed in the real estate industry, the father and son duo are highly knowledgeable in helping buyers and sellers prepare for real estate transactions and avoid common mistakes along the way.

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