Betsy DeVos: Connecting School, Religion, and Money

Betsy DeVos has been on the leading edge of educational reform for decades. She has made the cause her life’s work, and it has taken her to the White House. As the head of education, DeVos promoted school choice and a voucher system, which would help parents pay any tuition.


This move stirred up controversy throughout the political spectrum. Betsy DeVos has aligned herself with the conservative movement. Likely because of her upbringing. She was raised in Michigan and reportedly was a parishioner of a Christian church, and she attended a faith-based college.


It may not seem like religion and school choice are connected, but reporters who follow Betsy DeVos and write about her have highlighted the connection. Religious schools are private, and DeVos strongly supports a parent’s right to send their child to any school they believe is best, even if it is a faith-centered one.


Betsy DeVos has held firm on this position, and some insiders in Washington have commented on her inability to see the other side of the issue. This personality trait can be advantageous around the capital, and many other politicians have been labeled the same. This trademark does not seem to bother her. DeVos continues with her plight for alternative options.


Parents should note that religious schools are not the only alternative. Homeschooling is also another venue DeVos supports.


Vouchers are a means to pay the tuition, and she has put together a plan that would generate the funds needed to pay for these coupons. Betsy DeVos’ plan involves tax credits for donations. Big businesses or individuals who choose to put money into a voucher system would benefit by gaining some tax relief. This tax break should encourage many companies to participate.


DeVos has been generous with her own wealth. Through her family’s foundation, she has donated millions to projects, causes, and centers in Michigan.


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