Andrew Lazarus, the Prominent Hotelier Secures another Big Catch

Andrew Lazarus an established Sydney hotel proprietor has bought the Merewether Hotel one of Newcastle’s most famous pubs, for an unknown multimillion-dollar sum.

The owners of the trendy establishment at 99 Frederick Street, the Bale, and Twohill families have managed the place for over 40 years now.

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They expected the Beach Hotel Merewether to fetch over $20 million.

Andrew Lazarus disclosed to The Newcastle Herald that he had resolved to do everything in his capacity to procure the tavern since The Lazarus’ had a strong admiration for the hotel.

His family has a long history in the hotel industry.

The family company, Eastern Hotels Group is in charge of the collection of hotel properties across the globe.

Peter Lazarus, the manager of the family company was very instrumental in the Shoal Bay Country Club’s $6.5 million restorations and will be in charge of the Beach Hotel’s daily operations.

The Beach Hotel is characterized as a great catch in Newcastle and is being marketed by Deane Moore and Mike Wheatley.

The distinctive circa 1946 brick structure has been admired by residents since its debut, with an unmatched site overlooking one of the zone’s most famous beaches.

The Beach Hotel deco has large verandahs that have a view over the beach and is very close to Newcastle’s CBD.

The Lazarus family stated that they were considering renovations, but that they wanted to consult with the community and architects first.

After maintaining the tavern for almost 30 years, the previous owners stated that the sale had a hard time releasing it.

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