Alex Pissios Recap

Alex Pissios grew up in suburban Chicago within a large extended family with many cousins. His father taught special needs children at a local school district. Pissios went on to attend college and major in special education. Though he loved what he did, Pissios decided to pursue something different.

John Mirkopoulos was looking to hire an experienced manager to manage his expanding store in downtown Chicago. He approached Pissios; he offered him the position at a very generous salary. Pissios knew he couldn’t afford the luxury of turning down an offer like that. He went through a lot of trouble convincing himself that it was worth it, though, because he didn’t feel comfortable working in a leather and fur company.

For the next ten years, Alex Pissios put in twelve-hour days, seven days a week, including holidays. Ten of those were spent working in the fur and leather trade. He was on track to becoming a millionaire when he ventured into real estate. But then the economy crashed. His company went bankrupt, and his house was foreclosed upon. Alex Pissios’ life changed dramatically. He found himself a reluctant full-time househusband.

Nick Mirkopulos maternal uncle to Pissios once ran Cinespace Films, a bustling production company in Toronto. He heard about Pissios’ troubles and offered to help financially if he could buy a studio in Chicago and give him the job running it. It took time convincing skeptical executives in Los Angeles and New York. Still eventually, Pissios and Mirko got the go-ahead and started operations at Cinespace Studios in Chicago, Illinois.

Alex Pissios didn’t just create a film studio—he built a culture of giving back and paying it forward. When he started Cinespace, he wanted to help other filmmakers get ahead and stay ahead. But after seeing what happened to many entrepreneurs during the recession, he knew that wasn’t possible unless we all helped each other out. Source:

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