Vijay Eswaran Strategic Leadership Advances Success of Q1 Group

Vijay Eswaran is a widely known industrialist, author, philanthropist and renowned speaker. The Malaysian native Vijay Eswaran pursued socio-economics from the London School of Economics. He also holds an MBA from South Illinois University. The avid and voracious Eswaran established the QI Group of companies, where he currently serves as the Executive Chairman. Q1 Group is an international company with its headquarters based in Hong Kong. The company has established its presence in multiple countries globally and has interests in multi-industries which span retail, hospitality, education, direct selling and real estate.

Under Eswaran’s strategic leadership, Q1 Group has experienced authentic and sustainable growth. Q1 Group has built a business model that allows the company’s leadership to exchange and implement growth-oriented and innovative ideas from employees, business partners, customers and suppliers, which has primarily contributed to its fast growth. Vijay Eswaran has ensured that the Q1 Group has adopted business practices that are acceptable and sustainable while empowering the communities through charitable deeds. Philanthropically, Eswaran influenced the establishment of the RYTHM Foundation affiliated to the Group, which aims at giving back to society.

Over the years, he has ensured that Q1 Group’s channels 10% of its income towards the foundation’s ventures, including projects that spearhead advocacy on education, economic empowerment, and Gender Equality. Vijay is the founder and Chairman of the Malaysian-based Quest International University’s Council. The hands-on and progressive thinking Vijay Eswaran has received accolades for his adeptness in leadership and his innovative solutions that have advanced the success of the Q1 Group. He holds the CEO of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship. He is a prolific writer, and Good Men Project, Triple Pundit and Thrive Global recognizes his work. Being a prominent speaker, Vijay regularly contributes to international events that focus on global economic issues.

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