The Benefits of an Elite Education: Gordonstoun

Gordonstoun is a famous, elite boarding school in Scotland.

It was founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn in 1934 and has produced many notable alumni including Prince Charles of Wales, actors Rupert Everett and Kenneth Branagh, author J.K.

Rowling and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Peter Higgs.

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The school’s motto is “strength with courtesy”, which embodies the idea that you should be kind to others while also being strong enough to do what needs to be done for yourself; this can help students feel more confident in who they are and their abilities when they leave Gordonstoun at the end of their education there.”

Gordonstoun has been the birthplace of many student traditions.

One such tradition is that any nighttime visitor to a student’s room without their permission must kiss the “Grey Willie”, a statue of a wildcat, on three separate occasions before leaving.

In addition, students have worn tartan to all school events since the 1980s, when Lady Diana Spencer chose a tartan dress before her marriage to Prince Charles.

More recently, a student at the school was awarded £100 after she broke a tooth on a hard-boiled egg included in a tasting menu for dinner guests.

The girl had been participating in an event where students cook and serve dinner for parents and other visitors during which she bit down on the egg.

The school has recently started to enforce more discipline on students due to an incident where six boys vandalized a room, causing £1500 worth of damage, and were suspended for one term.

The headmistress at the time resigned in protest after the school chose not to expel them; instead, they will likely be given jobs to help pay off their debt to the school.

Other notable incidents over the years include a student who was found guilty of possession of cocaine in 2009 and had his place at Gordonstoun taken away.

Another incident involved two students getting suspended for setting up fake profiles on social networking websites; one of them pretended to be Prince Charles while the other pretended to be Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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