Solar Energy Solution by PosiGen

Motivated by the effects of Hurricane Katrina, PosiGen was established to ensure people’s increased and affordable access to solar power through solar energy systems. It’s an energy efficiency company that provides solar energy systems to people of different backgrounds without discrimination. However, its main focus is on immigrant populations, mainly people of color and the economically disadvantaged (Techbullion). 

These two groups are historically underprivileged regarding employment and availability of opportunities, leading to low incomes. PosiGen offers two ownership plans for the solar energy systems to cater to their marginalization: lending and buying. Each program has its advantages, but many customers who subscribe to the leasing plan illustrate PosiGen solar power company´s successful mandate of helping these populations. The leasing plan includes the system installation at zero cost and maintenance. Consumers at PosiGen only pay monthly charges for all their utility bills, which are minimal, enabling them to save more. This plan also includes frequent upgrades, ensuring that customers get the best possible service. Wealthy families or people who can afford the purchasing option pay a one-off fee for installation. 

It entails systems maintenance for twelve months. PosiGen aims to make positive contributions to people served, helping them save on their limited incomes for other investments. Achieving a clean environment is another key objective, which it achieves through the use of solar energy at PosiGen. For all the working opportunities created while doing installations and maintenance services, PosiGen uses locals, ensuring social responsibility to local communities. Therefore, it achieves its other objective of supporting people’s growth through enhancing their incomes and improving saving capabilities.

PosiGen installations are simplified to people already with or without solar panels. For the ones without, they have net metering systems that it still uses. The solar panels installed on a home provide the required energy, and any excess goes to the central grid thus helping families save money. At PosiGen, the excess power is reversed back to a consumer for future needs at no charge. Homes with solar panels that do not meet energy requirements get power boosts from the central grid, payable together with electrical energy. PosiGen installs and services home cooling systems, increasing energy efficiency, thus, more savings, and a cleaner environment.

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