Sightsavers Success with Collaboration in Ghana

Success with Collaboration in Ghana

Sightsavers is excited to see the results hard work in Ghana. After a collaboration of government, national organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and much needed funding Trachoma has been eliminated. Eradicating a common disease is not easy, it takes a group of like minded individuals to work together with the same goals in mind. Ghana has been officially determined that it is no longer a public health problem.


Trachoma is an easily treated disease. If caught in time it can have no lasting effects to the individual who contracts it. It is normally spread by flies and human contact. Trachoma starts as a bacterial infection and worsens. Symptoms include the lids of the infected person turning under thus making the eyelashes scratch the eye possibly causing irreversible damage and even blindness. The recent accomplishment is part of a larger problem affecting about 200 million people throughout the world. The accomplishments in Ghana gives hope for more successes.


In order to treat diseases like Trachoma education is extremely important. The companies involved in the fundraising, treatment, organizing, and the individuals in communities that are being exposed to these diseases need to be educated and be able to understand the best way to treat and avoid infections. Through a collaboration of individuals and organizations including the pharmaceutical companies diseases like Trachoma can be controlled and some day, possibly eliminated.


The success of Sightsavers Ghana would never have happened without help from the pharmaceutical companies who provided the medication to treat and prevent the spread of Trachoma. Through the kindness of Pfizer who provided millions of doses of the medication to treat the disease, the doctors and medical facilities who donated their time, the educators and organizations who participated in the program to fight Trachoma a seemingly hopeless situation became triumphant. It proves that together we can change the world.

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