Obsidian Energy Re-brands To Gain Market Penetration

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian based natural gas and oil exploration company that was established back in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. It has since then operated profitably with a lump sum annual return and paying its high stakeholder dividends in valuation. In fact, it’s been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange and at one time listed in the S&P/TSX 60.


Nonetheless, the present glory has come as a result of deliberate discussion and effort to help the company rise in times of financial and operational hitches. It has been restructured to operate as per the current market regulations, trend and level of technology. Initially, it was incorporated as Penn West Exploration Ltd, and then Penn West Petroleum and later Penn West Energy Trust before the stakeholders approved and settled for the brand Obsidian Energy.


This change will see the stocks begin trading with the symbol of OBE taking effect impromptu within five days in the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange. This does not require the shareholder to do any obligation after the name change through the circular of the Annual, Special Meeting and Management Proxy of 2017. The noted paradigm shift is expected to improve enterprise development, decision making, innovation, transparency, and accountability.


Among other changes, Obsidian Energy Ltd will experience is the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the lead auditor, enactment of a board of governance. Technically, share capital is to be reduced for accounting purposes, the share unit restricted plan amendment and a non-binding vote on executive compensation. Obsidian Energy’s CEO says this transformation will cement a strong position in the industry and is an informed decision that will help keep fit the financial records.


About Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy primarily deals with oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation within Canada, at the Sedimentary basin on the Western side of Canada. It has other resource reserves in the Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands, and Pembina Cardium and still pursuing other projects. Obsidian Energy is a publicly trading company on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchange. For a period of 6 years (2005-2011), it operated as a Canadian Royalty Trust before registration as a corporation.


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Obsidian Energy, Penn West Petroleum’s New Face Making A Name for Itself

 In the oil industry and indeed the gas industry too, Obsidian Energy is credited as a company whose portfolio is quite awesome. With the assets base the company has so far, it has guaranteed a steady flow of income and satisfied customers. In order to enjoy competitive advantage, the company has spared no effort in engaging in entrepreneurial activities that have guaranteed liquidity for the company which operates in the ever changing gas sector. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.




Obsidian Energy’s success is built on the discipline and hard work of its employees. Apart from hard work, openness and accountability are also other values and believes the company holds dear. All stakeholders and the community are never kept in the dark about the operations of the company.


Name Change


Obsidian Energy changed its name in 2017 from its former title of ‘Penn West Petroleum’. The new name was thought to be best since the company was undergoing many changes. With the new name people expect and get better service and new products that are somewhat an improvement on the former.


At the heart of the changes made to the company was the reduction in human resource. By 2015, the work force had been thinned to 1000 staff only. Later, due to the ever-fluctuating prices of oil and gas, there was a further lay off of staff so that there are only 400 employees at the company presently.


Giving Back


Obsidian believes in the community within which it operates goes without saying. Through the ‘community matters program’, the company’s business is ever appraised to ensure it does not collide with the community’s operations and or affect the community in a less than pleasant way. Where there are some critical aspects that community members do not like about the company operations, the same are squared out by the ‘community matters program’.


The environmental program the company has, ensures that it does not affect the environment in a negative way. Being guided by the law, Obsidian Energy aspires to limit any negative effects drilling may have on the community and its environment. Conservation of natural resources is also at the heart of the operations of Obsidian Energy.


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The Prolific Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a financial company which has been in business for twelve years. The company’s headquarters are in Chicago. The company has offices in Pennsylvania and also The Great Britain.

The sole purpose of this company is to offer advice on marketing investments, provide services to banking enterprises, and also offer valuation to other companies. The company has been instrumental in offering services to consultant firms. Madison Street Capital has helped businesses in gaining credit facilities.

Vital Care Industries have benefited from the company’s initiatives. They have been able to select a worthy lender hence acquiring loans commercially. The company has a good staff of professionals who carry with them massive experience and have good knowledge in their respective fields. Many reputable companies have sought the services of Madison Street Capital.

Due to its excellence, Anthony Marsala was selected for the forty under forty award by the association of valuators nationally. The program has been set up to recognize the achievements of the young brilliant leaders in business. The program only applies to those leaders whose accomplishments have been valued by their companies.

Madison Street capital was also recognized during the summer awards which were held in the year 2016. The company was categorized as the finalist in the advisor awards. The award is also given to companies who offer advice on how to acquire deals and the way the deals should be restructured.

The capital company has been influential in the banking sector. The company was nominated as the leader in the boutique investment category by the experts. The category falls under the firms which are involved in banking. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

The company won an award in January of the year 2017. The award was enlisted as a turnaround award. Before winning the award, the company had competed with innumerable companies which were over three hundred in total.

The company was applauded for its achievements by the president of the advisory company. The awards were conducted at the Palm Beach hotel where the company was honored. The company also helped a software company named DCG when it was joining with The Spitfire Group.

DCG was helped to analyze the financial details of the other company before making a deal with them. Madison Street Capital also supported it with good pieces of advice on how to restructure it and carry on with their activities.

Madison Capital has served as an advisor for ARE Security Corporation. The corporation deals in the investment where transactions are made depending on the available grounds. Essential services in computer systems are protected by the company.

The services are normally located in agencies of the government and nuclear power plants. The Madison Street Capital has provided services translating to around 13 million on the sale lease back value.

Funds have been donated by the company to areas which have been hit by adverse weather effects. These areas include the Western and Eastern states in the year 2011. The company has been part of the non-profitable organizations like the American Red Cross and The United Way which have helped many individuals.

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Jeff Yastine’s Startling Journalism Career

     Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He was featured for the first time as the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Banyan Hill Publishing is a publishing media house that writes on business and financial issues. It specializes in providing information that helps businessmen to invest in profitable businesses. He joined the publishing media fraternity with over two decades experience as an investor in the stock market and a financial journalist at the center of financial world events.

Jeff is a weekly contributor to the Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily which belong to Banyan Hills Publishing. In his contributions, he helps investors in understanding business, monetary and economic trends. He also highlights profitable opportunities addressed by other financial editors.

Mr. Yastine has led a successful career. He is an Emmy-nominated anchor as well as a correspondent at Nightly Business Report between 1994 and 2010. He was nominated for the 2007 Business Emmy Award for his extensive report on the bridges, roads and other public infrastructure that were underfunded by the government. He has seated together with, interviewed and learned the investing strategies and secrets of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers in the world including Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell among other successful people in the world of business.

In 2002, he was among the NBR journalists team that won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. The award was for a special report on the nation’s bond market and it took only thirty minutes.

Through his reporting, Jeff Yastine helped in the identification of investment opportunities deemed successful in small-cap growth stocks and turnarounds of large companies. The successful investment opportunities also varied in a number of sectors, from retail to agriculture and the biopharmaceutical sector’s developments.

In the mid-2000s. His reporting assisted in warning investors about the crisis that faced the real estate industry as well as the rise of the dot-com bubble in 2000. He has also been featured as a reporter in numerous major international and national events including the 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the financial effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 1999’S historic handover of Panama, the building of new manufacturing plants in the Southeastern United States by foreign automakers and their influence. Jeff has been to Cube twice to report on the role played by foreign investors on the Cuban economy.

Shafik Sachedina’s Amazing Journey

In his capacity as the department head of Jamati Institutions at the His Highness the Agha Khan Secretariat located in Aiglemount in France, Shafik is mandated in coordinating the programs and activities of the institution of Ismaili community in sixteen main areas where such kind of institutions normally exist. Shafik is also mandated in interfacing with Aga Khan Development Network Programs and Ismaili communities institutions in Central Asia.

Born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Shafik is a graduate of University of London in the School of Guy’s Hospital medical school and he graduated in 1950 and has now practiced in England for very many years. Shafik has also developed a considerable entrepreneurial interest in the sector of health-care. His job with the Jamati institutions and Aga Khan is usually undertaken in a capacity that is voluntary mainly in keeping with the long-standing tradition of service in a voluntary level of the community.

Follow Shafik Sachedina on Twitter

Apart from being Institute Board of Governors member, Shafik holds various other positions in the job he normally undertakes for the community and Ismaili Imamat, including a strong Aga Khan Development Network committee member, Aiglemont Chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee, and Ismaili Leaders International Forum member. Dr. Shafik has also served in various other voluntary capacities which include two successive terms as the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom President.

According to, Sussex Healthcare is a group of homes care that is independent and is based mainly in Sussex. The healthcare is focused mainly on older people care which includes individuals who are mentally frail with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and on expert care for those adults with learning or physical difficulties, including individuals with various types of neurological disabilities. Sussex Healthcare offers great care in their purpose-built facilities for those that need support with acquired and neurological brain injury. The facility is dedicated to providing superb standards of support and care to every person in line with their specific needs. As a business on, the healthcare has the main goal of being the best and leading provider of nursing care and residential care in the Sussex area. Also central to this main object is a great determination to offer the best quality of care based on individual’s needs and the services being delivered by a professional team that is first-class. Therefore, the facility should be everyone’s choice in offering the kind of services that have been highlighted.

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CEO Gregory Aziz Helping National Steel Car Raise The Bar

In order to be the leader in the railroad freight car industry, you have to be able to sustain for years and constantly make improvements to grow your base. This is exactly what Greg Aziz, president & CEO of National Steel Car is doing to this industry. Despite his company having gotten its start back in 1912, national Steel Car is surpassing expectations of those in the industry all these years later. The company continues to identify the needs of those in the railroad industry and then exceed their expectations moving forward.


Talk to CEO Gregory James Aziz about how his company has been able to do things that many others in the industry are failing at, and he credits it all to the hard work and dedication of his employees. Currently, National Steel Car has over 2,000 employees, and they have a work ethic unrivaled in a very competitive market. Not only does his employees have a deep sense of purpose, they understand the core values of the company and work tirelessly each day to raise the bar so they are able to meet those objectives. This could be the reason that National Steel Car has won the prestigious TTX-SECO award for ten years running. See More Info Here.


When Gregory J Aziz talks in more detail about those objectives, it becomes clearer as to why National Steel Car is growing and thriving even in a down market. To start, the employees at National Steel Car have a determination to move forward that is simply unrivaled. The team don’t want to follow, they know they can lead this industry to bigger things. When it comes to pride in workmanship, the employees have this uncanny and relentless focus on high quality and excellence. last, every member of National Steel Car, including Greg Aziz, never forget the past by honoring those traditions of the company’s past.


National Steel Car also has their focus on helping others to succeed. It started many decades ago when National Steel Car would help local charitable organizations in Hamilton, Ontario. As the company grew, so did their desire to help a global audience with charitable efforts. To be able to reach more people, Aziz says that working with the Salvation Army and United Way was just a natural fit. Add into that mix that Aziz pays his employees very well, allowing them to use those funds locally to help Ontario businesses to thrive too.

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Greg Aziz’s Tenure At National Steel Car

Greg Aziz assumes the role of Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, one of North America’s leading manufacturer of railcars. He was born in London on April 30, 1949, and went to the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario to pursue a degree in Economics. His entrepreneurial journey unfolded in 1994 after purchasing National Steel Car from Dofasco. Greg Aziz aimed to transform National Steel Car into a leading manufacturer of railroad freight car throughout North America. National Steel Car’s engineering capabilities and capital investment have helped it to scale its manufacturing capability from 3,500 to 12,000 railroad freight cars per year.


He began working at his family food business shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1971. Over time, Affiliated Foods have grown to a world-class importer of fresh foods across the United States and Europe. In fact, it is the leading supplier of the major fresh food wholesale markets throughout Eastern Canada and the United States. Refer to This Site.


National Steel Car has over 100 years of excellence in the railroad freight car industry. Over time, the firm has earned a reputation as North America’s premier manufacturer of railroad freight car. The company attributes its success to its amazing employees and takes pride in what has been achieved as a team. Under Greg Aziz’s belt, National Steel Car has become more dynamic, values-driven, innovative, and diverse than before. National Steel Car continues to challenge itself to raise the bar. The firm focuses its strength with efficiency unmatched in the railroad freight car industry and is true to its core value. For this, National Steel Car is trusted by its customers to build high-quality railroad freight car. In fact, it is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company in North America.


National Steel Car has won the annual TTX SECO award for two consecutive decades. Nonetheless, it doesn’t rest on its past accomplishments. The firm’s relentless pursuit of excellence and keen attention to customers’ concerns ensures that


National Steel Car remains the leading North America’s manufacturer of the railcar. Through customers’ loyalty and support, the supplier’s valued relationships, and the outstanding commitment and integrity of the firm’s employees ensures that National Steel Car continues to build high-quality railcars which they are known and trusted. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is the premier engineer and manufacturer of railroad freight cars throughout North America.


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Here’s How to Grow Your Wealth as explained by investment expert Ted Bauman

     Ted Bauman has worked as an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013, being the main editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha stock Alert, all being publications of the publishing company. Bauman specializes in asset protection, international migration issues, privacy and low-risk investment strategies. Mr. Bauman, who lives in Atlanta with his family, is said to be passionate about helping people find safe ways to safeguard and increase their wealth. He achieves through being the principal editor of Alpha Stock Alert, the publication of Banyan Hill Publishing that specializes in matters of property. This publication is lauded for never having had a losing year in ten years continuously, akin to a football club that sustains ten undefeated seasons in a row. It did this under the leadership of Bauman, even surviving the 2008-2009 economic crisis. The publication has also posted a stellar performance by beating its rival S&P 500 Index ten times in a sequence.

In the Bauman Letter, Ted has a mission to help his clients regain the control of their financial lives. He promises his clients a raft of innovative and unique strategies that have tried and tested through which he has helped his clients multiply their wealth. A quick perusal of a copy of the Bauman Letter illustrates the top-notch expertise and vast experience that Mr. Bauman possesses as represented by the simple yet practical solution to personal finances. Such techniques include a tax-avoidance skill on the person’s first income; how to safeguard one’s estate from unwarranted lawsuits and dubious legal claims. Also how to locate a palatial holiday residence at affordable terms, including tax-free house; and advice on how to access private investment opportunities without the involvement of government – and without breaking the law.

Drawing from the rich wealth of experience his father models to him, Bauman offers investment techniques hitherto only reserved for the lucky few who managed by trial and error or privileged information to navigate to the top. Mr. Bauman’s father, Robert Bauman, with whom he has co-authored a best-seller, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), was a congressman for eight years and has been the company lawyer for Banyan Hill Publishing for over 20 years now. The father, a successful publisher whose articles that have published in the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal is reported to hold the book he co-authored with Mr. Bauman as his favorite.

Ted promises his clients a ‘sovereign’ life, a life full of freedom and prosperity.

The Oxford Club Details How to Survive the Next Market Crash

30 years ago this month the bottom fell out of the Dow Jones Industrial. For those who are familiar with the stock exchanges October 19, 1987 would become known as “Black Monday.” This was the day that the Dow literally plunged 508 points, losing almost 23 percent of its value. Even the crash that spurred on the Great Depression wasn’t as bad as the one in 1987. How do you weather the storm when crashes like this will inevitably occur? This is where the Oxford Club comes in. They seek to educate you on how to profitably invest.

First of all, as an investment professional I was there on the floor on that day. I remember the shock when the Quotron lit up with red (sell bids) all across the boards. Brokers everywhere were losing their wits trying to help their clients cope with the immense amount of sell orders coming in.

Although the market had been picky leading up to this event, there was nothing that could have “triggered” this immense amount of sell bids. This crash was completely unexpected. Although there were many changes in response to this out-of-the-blue crash, these types of events still occur from time to time. Indeed, there have been a number of them even in the 2010’s.

So how should an investor react to bear markets? Well, one of the things they should do is to not react based on emotion. Instead, they should anticipate a market downturn. In today’s world, the market is near some extreme highs. This means you should place an emphasis on quality and engage in asset allocation. You also should have a broad diversification and have a reserve of cash. The rule of bears is that it is not if, but when.


About the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a team of investors that educates people on ways to consistently beat the market.

These investment professionals are located all over the world and they help investors everywhere get the best rate of return possible.

Siteline Cabinetry: Creating Modern Cabinets at an Affordable Price

Recap: Siteline Cabinetry Offers New Kitchen Cabinet Solution

The kitchen is essential in every household. People create a lot of memories in this part of the house because of how often family members congregate in there. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the kitchen cabinets are up to date and capture your sense of taste and style. That is why you need Siteline Cabinetry. The company makes sure that they design your cabinets in a modern and classy manner.

Siteline Cabinetry prides itself in creating modern kitchen cabinets at a price that meets your budget. However, their services are not limited to the kitchen only but the laundry rooms, bathroom, offices and mudrooms as well. They design every cabinet as per the taste and specifications of the client. They also ensure that they create enough space so that you can be able to add your accessories.

Siteline Cabinetry offers features such as made to order. Other features that an individual can expect when looking for cabinets with Siteline Cabinetry include; personalized cabinets, the shaker style cabinets, functional designs in cabinets, high-tech options in the cabinet, white, gray and neutral colors, subtle and clean line designs and horizontal orientation cabinetry. They also offer a customization option where they cut cabinets to fit the size of any kitchen.


About Siteline Cabinetry

Founded in 2015 by Pat Corsi, Siteline Cabinetry is the latest brand by the Corsi’s Group. Its headquarters are in Keysville, Virginia. The Corsi Group dates its foundation back to 1973, and Pat Corsi started it using a small administration loan. His desire to start this company was as a result of the experience he had garnered working in another cabinet company.

Siteline Cabinetry is taking the market by storm. According to Pat Cosri, the company has studied the market trends and the market prices. They use the Siteline ERP system and have a high interest in full-access cabinets. They recently included full-access cabinets and offer a variety of finishes options such as glazes, wood stains, thermally fused laminate finishes and wrap finishes. Therefore, if you reside in the environs of Keysville and are in need of better cabinets for your house, Siteline Cabinetry is your go-to company.