Newest Citizen App Feature Providing Weather Alerts To The Community

Incidences are happening quickly, and everyone wants to be updated with the breaking news.

The Citizen App is designed to provide real-time verified safety alerts to keep you aware and safe. Its popularity has grown, and people use it to check if the police are present and look at their safety during the demonstrations around the city.

Storms’ impacts threaten people’s safety in their residence, and the app is determined to keep the entire community safe. For that reason, Citizen App has announced the latest system, which will show the exact harsh weather alerts and share the information with the public in the event of a big storm. After getting feedback from the users on how the weather alerts influence their daily lives, they have decided to make a difference by quickly giving the information to users. For example, when an incident like a tornado and flash flood happens, time is very critical.

The weather alerts will be available; their source will come from the National Weather Service. You will receive alerts of incidences, including tornadoes, dust storms, thunderstorms, and flooding that might occur in your area. The signals will highlight the actions to be taken, and if you are in the affected area, you will be able to live-stream video showing how the storm is striking your location.

Citizen App will only notify people within a warning area to ensure effectiveness. So far, it has worked very well. For instance, when there was heavy rainfall in New York, the users were aware before Wireless Emergency Alert was broadcasted. The app advised people to get a safe place to stay and updated when the storms came close. Citizen App has a suitable location network that confirms the users within a given warning area who can share live videos. ssFollow this page on Instagram, to learn more.


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