Miki Agrawal’s Latest Mission – An Eco-Friendly Toilet.

Miki Agrawal is the founder of THINX, a company that makes environmentally-friendly feminine hygiene products. Her latest venture is TUSHY, which aims to provide an eco-friendly solution for every household toilet worldwide by making it both easy and affordable to install and biodegradable after use. Since she has already been so successful thus far and achieved such impactful milestones throughout her career, it is clear that she will continue to inspire women for many years to come.

Miki Agrawal founded the company to help women better manage their menstruation and help create a cleaner world. Now, TUSHY is doing the same for people’s bathrooms by replacing toilet paper with bidets that are both environmentally friendly and very easy to install. With her extensive background in this industry and making such an incredible impact throughout all of her other endeavors, it seems clear that she will continue to do the same to make our planet even more sustainable.

Miki Agrawal was born into an entrepreneurial family where they used creativity, dedication, innovation, hard work, risk-taking abilities, and great communication skills when trying new things. She took what she learned from them and did many successful businesses, which have impacted millions across the globe by creating eco-friendly products and having a positive impact on people’s lives. With her extensive background and success across many industries, it is clear that there will be no stopping Miki Agrawal from achieving even more milestones in the future.

Miki Agrawal has expanded TUSHY through not only creating an easy to install toilet but also by providing eco-friendly waterless urinals for men who work just like regular toilets, except they capture urine within them so that there isn’t any waste made and then release clean water whenever someone needs to use it instead of flushing with toilet paper or other chemicals. She hopes to provide all households around the world with this opportunity very soon since she always puts others before herself and sees great potential where others do not.

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