Mahmoud Khattab Speaks on Effects of the Pandemic in Health Care Outlook

The spread of COVID19 has exacerbated and increased fundamental shifts, which include:

  • Unprecedented public-private collaborations in therapeutic development and vaccines
  • Involvement of consumers in healthcare decision-making
  • Push for interpretative and analytics data
  • The rapid adoption of digital innovations and virtual health

Governments, stakeholders, health care providers, and payers around the globe are being challenged to adapt quickly and innovate. Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision M.D in California, has been valued as one of the stakeholders in the medical industry.
He received his degree from Damascus University Faculty of Medicine, and he has been in practice for over 20years.

Mahmoud Khattab addresses various issues that will help stakeholders and all health providers shape their ability to navigate from recovering to thriving in the post-COVID and advance their journey to future health.

More insights from Mahmoud Khattab

The Instant Acceptance of Digital Innovations

Mahmoud also confirms that all consumers have a unique health journey. Consumers are not completely satisfied with their interactions with doctors or clinicians. There is a need to train personnel in building virtual interpersonal relationships between them. Deploying suitable online tools and services can enable clients to supervise and track their health, augment customer satisfaction and upgrade medication adherence and.

Customer Engagement in Healthcare Decision Making

Health care organizations should ensure that the data serves consumers’ needs since they are willing to share their data. Their goals and needs drive innovation in health-related products, tools, and services. The consumer’s demand also drives the transition to patient-centric care delivery across socio-economic groups and geographies. Customer expectations make stakeholders elevate a transitional patient health care encounter in holistic human health experiences.

Finally, Mahmoud Khattab advises that stakeholders and other health-providing organizations appreciate that consumers require different services. They organize their services to enhance the experience of every customer.

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