Larry Baer Helping Oracle Park Resume Business Operation

No doubt, the sports ecosystem has been a victim of the COVID-19 effects. The industry has experienced operational disruptions with the annulment of competitions and matches. With the pandemic showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, the sports ecosystem is looking for viable ways to deal with threats and resume the new normal. Oracle Park, for instance, is making significant strides to resume normalcy in the 2021 MLB season.

The Giants CEO maintains that the team is making plans for the eventual resumption of Oracle Park. Of course, Giants is intrigued with the prospects of immersing its fans into in-person ball games fun by reopening the ballpark.

The inception of COVID-19 saw many stadiums, including Oracle Park, shut down their activities. SF Giants CEO holds that the ballpark is soon resuming its operations upon receiving a permit from San Francisco stakeholders.

Additionally, Larry Baer affirmed the team is well prepared to rebuild operations to make Oracle Park safe for everyone. Indeed, the team has received a lucrative 7-figure budget to revamp the stadium and ensure maximum safety. Giants hopes to resume in-person ball games by keeping its fans safe. Giant CEO further noted that the ballpark will incorporate whatever safety measures are needed to stay abreast of the new normal.

Most interestingly, the San Francisco Giants has earned a stellar reputation in implementing a unique health screening app to expand testing. The health screening app will play a crucial role in testing every attendee to the ballpark.

Equally, the team has received accreditation for its safety measures. The SF Giants CEO feels more optimistic that the significant steps taken by the team will ensure maximum safety of the Giants’ fanbase. The ballpark’s limited capacity seating has been revamped to conform with the appropriate social distancing guidelines. Sure, Giants is fascinated with the prospect of starting its opening home game with Rockies. Watch this video for more information about the Giants CEO.


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