How Graeme Holm Created the Perfect Financial Solution for Australian Homes

Infinity Group is an Australian Based company that believes in improving the financial lives of its customers. Infinity Group operates on three guiding principles, which are a reduction of debt, wealth creating and securing a financial future. The company works with a multitude of clients by giving them personal financial advisors who help them to implement budgets and helps them commit to financial plans so that they achieve their financial goals.


Graeme Holm founded infinity Group after a successful career in the financial services sector. He has experience in real estate, financial planning, and finance. Holm spent almost a decade in the primary four banking environment and at one point, became frustrated that he only pushed one branded product and offered the same services. Holm was shocked that most Australian families receive poor deals from financial institutions and most were forced to live paycheck to paycheck. Together with his wife Rebeca, Graeme desired first to get a better deal for mums and dads. They took six months off to draw up a plan and a strategy, which resulted in the birth of Infinity Group. They started operations and managed to get 30 clients within 30 days. They then managed to get an office and their first staff member who was a receptionist.


The Infinity Group is based on an approach whereby the company goes into extensive details around household expenses and operating financial needs not based on wants. Infinity works with clients through a system of meetings to understand, fine-tune and assist clients to implement a periodic cash-based budget for necessities, such as weekly groceries, travel expenses, fuel, and entertainment. After that, the loan process application is completed. Once this is settled, Infinity Group assigns you a personal financial coach to help you pay off your loan as soon as possible; usually within half the time allocated. The coach will give feedback to the clients through a monthly report to ascertain whether they need to make any adjustments or if they are well within their family budget and their performance is well within their goals and expectations. The client also receives six-monthly reviews to ensure commitment to their financial plans as well as reduce the mortgage.


Infinity Group believes in giving every dollar a purpose and therefore train their clients on the differences between wants and needs while at the same time keeping them accountable to their goals. Many clients have been educated on how to use their debit cards so that they don’t spend beyond their abilities. Credit cards tend to build up your credit, which is calculated daily and charged at an interest monthly. Most of the stuff bought ends up in the trash, and the charge is still applied. At Infinity, they help you channel this money towards more important uses like a mortgage to help reduce daily interest.


Infinity charges a fee upon sign up to establish a debt reduction plan and assign a personal coach. After that, they charge 10% of your annual debt reduction. That ensures that the company works twice as hard to ensure that you are debt-free and in most cases, clients can pay off their first loan within three months instead of the expected 12 months without the support from Infinity. Learn more:


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