How Avaaz Accomplished So Much in Such a Short Time

Avaaz is an online based activist organization, that has been described as the largest such one in the world. It has influenced many world events for the good. It has fought against corruption, dictatorships, and fought for freedom, individual rights, civic rights, human rights, animal rights, and more. One of their successes relates to preserving marine life. A lot of marine animals face extinction. Avaaz mobilized thousands of people to petition the United Kingdom government to help set aside a special place where marine animals can be preserved and protected.

Monsanto is a large chemical company. They were a destructive force on the environment. They released chemicals and harmful toxins into the environment. Avaaz mobilized petitions, took polls showing that people opposed Monsanto building a new plant, and raised over a million dollars that were put to work to stop this new plant from going up. Eventually, Monsanto was forced on the run, thanks to Avaaz.

They have worked extensively for the Paris Climate Accords. They mobilized hundreds of people to march so that governments understood that people were interested in the Accords taking place. Just a year and a half before the Accords, it was largely thought that people were not interested anymore in these agreements. Avaaz proved to them that there was widespread support for them. To know more about Avaaz click here.

Another victory was defeating the Murdoch mafia. Rupert Murdoch owns so much media that he controls many politicians in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. Avaaz campaigned against the monopoly and crooked power he had. They made over thirty thousand calls to politicians, via their thousands of followers. They organized online petitions and did a lot more. They have also mobilized millions of dollars in aid to people in poor and war torn countries.

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