Georgette Mulheir’s Effort to Restore Haiti’s Democracy

Haiti has, over the years, experienced dictatorship from its leaders and brutality from government officials. Although the country is recognized for bringing slavery down, it has suffered large foreign dates and unauthorized occupation by non-citizens who have taken the powers of the government for the longest time. Moreover, in 2010, Haiti was hit by an earthquake categorized as a magnitude seven natural disaster that claimed the lives of approximately 200,000 people and led to a significant destruction of the country’s infrastructure. Besides, activist Georgette Mulheir points out, the political crisis, Haiti faces corruption and severe violence from gang groups associated with political leaders. 

Gangs cooperate with political leaders to kidnap and torture the citizens opposing certain political movements, Georgette Mulheir explains to the international communities. In addition, people living in the rural areas no longer cultivate as the gangs raid citizens’ homes and steal all the harvest, leaving them with nothing. Unfortunately, cases concerning individuals responsible for the theft, among other crimes, are not brought to justice. Also, Haitian citizens who are at the forefront of advocating for peace are tortured. Although the current president’s term was supposed to end in February 2021, he is still in charge of the country. 

Political leaders in power boycotted parliamentary elections that were to take place in late 2019, thus the country has not had a functional parliament from early 2020. Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an organization founded by Georgette Mulheir, with her main objective being ending the crisis in Haiti (Londonlovesbusiness). 

The organization consists of concerned human rights experts and advocates worldwide, working together to mobilize the international community to offer their assistance to Haiti citizens to restore its democracy and end the violation of human rights. Defend Haiti’s Democracy has partnered with other organizations and established a platform named Haiti at a crossroads. Democracy experts use this platform to explain the horrifying situation in Haiti and dismiss any myths by providing evidence to come up with effective solutions. Georgette Mulheir is well known for her passion in advocating for children’s rights. She has worked for several organizations and supported numerous non-profit organizations such as orphanages. Georgette Mulheir has won numerous awards as a global activist, such as the Charity of the year award in the United Kingdom. She is also recognized for advising on different situations to many governments across the world. 

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