Fabletics, a fresh look in a crowded market

Fabletics, a fresh look in a crowded market


Fabletics is an up-and-coming fashion retailer focusing on athletics and leisure. Founded in 2013 the company is making waves in the fashion industry, disrupting major players like Nike and UnderArmor.


What makes Fabletics so notable is the subscription-based business model they sre operating under. Rather than having to hunt for specific items that make up a matching outfit, subscribers have their outfits selected by fashion consultants and professionals at Fabletics.


New users are asked to fill out a survey, detailing their common workouts as well as their fitness goals. In addition, considerations are made for color choices, fashion, as well as budget. Customers are free to skip any month distribution and no additional cost, and are free to make other selections with their monthly subscription funds.


What’s truly amazing is how well that Fabletics has taken off in the marketplace. Fashion, especially athletic fashion is a notoriously difficult marketplace for new companies, yet Fabletics has managed to do over 150 million dollars worth of business in 2015. Having expanded consistently by 35% every single year since its inception, the company has big plans for 2017 and beyond.


What’s even more amazing is their dedication to physical brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online presence. What started as an online business is now a serious contender in malls across America. Fabeltics is set to expand and become more competitive every year that passes. Selection and styles is already excellent at fabletics, and we can expect even more as the years go on and the company grows.


With over a hundred locations across America there is probably a fabletics in your town. No subscription needed, just feel free to check them out in person.


Above all what I like the most about Fabletics is the selection. This is company that knows what they wants to do and does it well. Rather than seek out and overpay professional athletes in nearly every sport, fabletics focuses on producing quality sportswear at affordable prices. The focus is on the product in the price not on a superficial image.


You aren’t buying and image or a marketing campaign, you are buying good looking, comfortable clothes for your your next workout. By removing endorsements and high level marketing campaigns from the budget, Fabletics is able to do more for less, passing the savings on, and outcompeting everyone else.


Fabletics has already proven themselves worthy competition for the top dogs of the industry. They have broken into the market with excellent product offerings, only looking to expand and grow from there. I’m looking forward to what they bring us next.

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