Exclusive Interview with Anesthesiologist: Alddo Molinar

Alddo Molinar was born in Texas and also grew up there. Alddo Molinar’s parents were Mexican immigrants, and he became the first in their family to avail himself of the chance created by their new nation of residence. He is an Ohio Valley Medical Facility and East Ohio Hospital attending anesthesiologist. From a tender age, Alddo Molinar´s future in the career could maximize on the expectation. Alddo was easily gaining skills because he accomplished several developmental milestones quicker than his allies. His timely mechanical aptitude guided him to address the harder projects, disassembling and assembling appliances to know how best they worked.


Dr. Alddo Molinar


The tragic deaths of his grandparents to cancer motivated him a lot. Therefore, Alddo Molinar turned his aptitude to venture into medical school to apply the skills in helping the suffering group. This decision helped him to acquire a degree from the famous Texas University based in Dallas. Later, he went to Cleveland Clinic to complete his medical residency. During the residency, Alddo Molinar got perfect and quality training and also met his wife who went on to play a crucial duty in his life. The two courted for some time and even went through the residency together. Later, they got married and were blessed with two girls and a boy. 


Therefore, Alddo retaliates that his family is his closest crew, thereby demonstrating his love for his family and their involvement in his job. Molinar reflected on his exquisite life and noted that he has been on a continuous journey even though he initially perceived it as a dead end. This journey is based on some values he mastered at a tender age and even guides him to realizing self-betterment. Alddo Molinar had dreamt of becoming a doctor since a tender age, and his parents confirmed that. While in the 6th grade, Alddo lost his grandmother to pancreatic cancer, and his passion started to gel. Alddo claimed that cancer took away her vigor and physical robustness, and he felt that her suffering was needless. The grandmother was religious, thus endured a lot of suffering from nausea, vomiting, itching, and physical pain. Her skin became jaundiced, but Alddo Molinar believes that the grandmother will remain a strong woman in his life.

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