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Electronic Artists- Alex Pall

Closer is the new track released by the duo artists who call themselves ChainSmokers. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make the ChainSmokers and they have been composing and producing songs together including Don’t Let me Down, as well as Roses, but the new awaited song is a collaboration with Halsey. Pall and Andrew are modern DJs who make electronic music and since the beginning of their career in the entertainment industry, they have been relying on songwriters as well as vocalists to bring the best out of their music career. The two artists have been working day and night to make their brand known to the world instead of hiding behind the Dj booth.

Recently the two artists were interviewed on how they are doing to grow together with their growing audience, their brand as well as their music career. Alex was open to say that he was a Dj while he was growing up, Djing was his hobby and he moved around the New York City doing what he loved most. Within a short time, he realized and he loved it although it was scary doing something like Djing in New York which was not a job to him but for fun. While still doing his passion, Pall spent time at the art gallery dancing and there he met his partner Andrew through his manager. Alex and Drew had to make sacrifices, one being Alex quitting his job and Andrew moving from Maine to begin their music career.

Andrew Taggart was still in college when he met Alex and he was still doing his passion; Djing. He said that way before most people he loved electronic music. While in College Andrew say that his friends would make fun of him for putting on V-neck shirts and also listening to dance music. His love for music pushed him to start learning and eventually producing music. While still in college Mr. Taggart took advantage of the chances that presented themselves. He got an opportunity to play in different shows through the DJs who were signed in college and also put some of the songs on Sound Cloud which encouraged him to continue. The two artists knew they can work together because they were sure of what they were bringing on the table.