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Jeremy Goldstein and the Fountain House

What’s the hardest part when it comes to finding a lawyer? Anyone who’s ever needed a lawyer knows it’s finding the right lawyer. For regular people, finding a lawyer isn’t easy; for companies based in New York, they only need to make an appointment at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC.

When it comes to advising clients on matters of executive compensation or corporate governance, there’s no better attorney than Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is New York’s go-to attorney, especially when it comes to figuring out employee benefits. Most people probably don’t know, but employee benefits are a big thing now, and Jeremy Goldstein is at the forefront of the debate.

While Jeremy Goldstein is known for his legal expertise, he’s also an avid philanthropist. Of the many nonprofit organizations he works with, Fountain House is his primary philanthropy. Fountain House is an organization that helps patients with mental illness.

Recently, Goldstein held a wine dinner to raise money for the Fountain House foundation. Goldstein takes mental illness seriously, considering how often men ignore mental issues they may be having. As the world focuses on helping each other, Goldstein wants more men and women to realize the severity of mental illness and seek help if they need it.

Every year, Goldstein hosts two private dinners with fellow Board members Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. Many members of Fountain House have suffered from mental illness at one point or another. Fountain House focuses on mental illness recovery in a different way than most.

Other organizations believe in separating patients from society for a while; Fountain House believes in promoting self-help. The program allows patients to recover in their ways with the help of professionals. The dinners help raise money for Fountain House programs.


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Sahm Adrangi Negative Report

Sahm Adrangi is the launcher of Kerrisdale capital management. He is also the Chief Investment Officer in the firm. The firm was founded in the year 2009. Sahm Adrangi has been in the center of the firm’s development since when it was established. Adrangi is famous for his involvement in short selling and publishing research.

Kerrisdale capital management targets on long-term value investment and unique event-driven occurrences. Sahm Adrangi believed that KADAcoin and KODAKOne were critically crippled and would never offer any material benefit for Kodak stakeholders. Adrangi received a bachelors degree of arts in Economics from Yale University.

Members of KODAK Board of Directors have granted themselves a restricted stock contrary to the company’s requirements. According to Sahm Adrangi, the scenario happened a day before the publicization of the of KODAKOne establishment.

Sahm Adrangi also has a negative report about Eastman Kodak Company.

He says that Kodak publicized partnership is not able to do anything to save the company from declining revenues. Sahm also claims that WENN digital inn which is the leading developer of KODAKOne, and its strategic advisor on the KODAcoin ICO Appcoin innovation inc are companies with a dubious background mostly.

Kerrisdale capital has also published a negative report complaining about its short position in Eastman Kodak Company. It is an imaging and commercial printing company whose stock has risen by 187%.

This is after announcing a partnership to start up a blockchain. This is by enabling a photo-centric cryptocurrency and image licensing platform.

Sahm Adrangi believes that the announcement is hollow and are trying to chase ICO craze that has nothing to do to offsets Kodak’s unsustainable capital structure and weak fundamentals.

Kodak faces a lot of problems such as significant debt maturities, liquidity is tightened and also restrictive debt covenant while finances fall in a free manner.

Diversifying Career to Facilitate Growth Career Wise

Career diversification is one of the strategies that can be helpful when an individual is seeking career growth. This strategy works for open-minded people who can work for a season and run with a submission towards the achievement of a major mission. It is advisable for an individual who is seeking career growth to have a mission that they can use as a guide while growing their career.

Sam Tabar is an example of an individual who developed his career by embracing diversification. Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney located in New York. He is a graduate of Oxford University with MA and BA in Law.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar joined Columbia Law School for his LLB. He has achieved career journey through diversifying his career. The different positions that he has held have enabled him to achieve his goals in life while equipping himself with new skills.

The career history of Tabar shows that he worked as an editor at a law firm before working with the major companies. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

This experience improved his leadership and writing skills. His breakthrough was when he landed a position with a hedge fund. He worked diligently and became a business developer at the firm.

He could work directly with the clients and develop different solutions to meet the needs of the customers through this position.

The career history of Sam Tabar should also be an eye opener for young people. It should help young people to understand that they should use the other skills that they possess as a means to an end. They should develop themselves and build a vision and mission for their careers.

This will enable them to understand the different inherent skills that they have as individuals and diversify their careers in various ways. The young people should learn to avoid giving excuses and use what they have at hand to develop and improve their lives.