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Paul Mampilly On The Internet Of Things And Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly was able to retire at the age of 42 due to his intuitive and booming investment choices. Before his retirement, he was an incredibly successful investor and Wall Street hedge fund manager. One of his investments included Amazon when they were new on the market. Most investors were doubtful of the idea that Amazon would grow into something profitable. Mampilly also managed funds for the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Kinetics Asset Management Fund. To say he is a professional investor, would be an understatement.

Paul Mampilly has also been teaching his kids about finance and stock investments for many years. He explains to his kids the differences between stocks that have a viable future and those that do not. He finds it easier to explain to his children his ideas about investments in new technologies because it can be troublesome trying to explain it to some adults.

Paul Mampilly explains that although some futuristic investments can seem risky, others are not. Technologies that can become obsolete too quickly, or ones that don’t have a strong market, are not smart investments. However, the technologies that are focusing on “the internet of things,” or gadgets that have multiple cameras, can talk to other gadgets and people, are internet ready, and can gather and send out data, can be very profitable investments.

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter Paul Mampilly began after he retired. In this publication, he shares with his subscribers his ideas about current investments and other profitable ventures. Recently, Mampilly discussed his interest in precision medicine. Although medical students and a few other medical professionals are up-to-date regrading precision medicine, others are not. This ground-breaking medicine works with patients and their DNA to discover specific treatments that not only treat but help in the discovery of cures for illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, cancers, and many other ailments.

Mampilly shares in his newsletter which biotech company he thinks is the best investment right now. Either way, he believes that precision medicine will continue to be a lucrative investment in future.

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