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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Interview on Non-Urgent Patients


Emergency care is given the patients who need specialized treatment in hospitals. However, this is not the case in the country at the moment. Non-emergency cases find themselves in the emergency facilities as well. Below is the description of the situation in the great state of Florida.

The Scope of the matter

From the research carried by highly recognized institutions in the country in 2016, the Harvard School of Public Health, the National Public Radio, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about one-third of the Americans have been admitted in emergency rooms despite their case not being as urgent. Similar research had been carried in 1990, and the results were the mirror image of the new findings. Additionally, 37% of the Floridians have been taken to the emergency rooms either without knowing that it was an emergency case or immediately getting to the emergency room that it is known.

Why is such a case for so long? To answer the question, health reporter, Abe Aboraya, from Orlando has an interview with professor Robert Blendon, and his opinion on the matters was that about one-third of the Floridians had been victims of such as well in the past two years.

The Emergency Doctor’s opinion

Despite witnessing such cases happening and even handling some of them in good faith, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has failed to understand exactly what goes wrong. When he was interviewed recently, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel in his opinion explained why this is the case. This was due to lack of access to the medical care. Therefore, the patients find it better to go to the emergency centers to receive the much-needed help. Thus, despite the situation, they still make it their responsibility to attend to the patients despite the situation. However, as the non-emergent cases increase in the emergency rooms, it makes it difficult to participate in the emergency cases and thus the stretch of hospital resources.

Regardless of the confusion, the emergency doctors and the entire staff works harder to curb the problem and attend to all the patients equally without any form of discrimination or favor.

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