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OSI Food Solutions expands Toledo plant

OSI Food Solutions is the biggest food company in the world. It is also ranked as one of the biggest private business in the United States, with a valuation of $6.1 billion. The company appears at number 58 in the latest ranking by Forbes. The growth of this company to such levels means that the company is doing very well. No company that is reckless with its management can appear at such a position. OSI is now a leading company in food production, thanks to leadership which realizes that there is a need for a business to focus on delivering to the consumer.

Toledo Expansion

For the company to become a leading company in the world, it must have a strong presence in many countries. The truth is that OSI Food Solutions has been doing very well and trying to accomplish its target. So far, it has a presence in 17 countries, and the growth keeps on coming. The Toledo plant has been doing very well in the past few years, and it has reached a point where demand for food products is exceeding production. What the company has done is to increase its capacity through the expansion of the plant.

The plant in Toledo has been increased to double the production of chicken products. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the demand for these products. This demand had pushed the company to come up with measures that will meet the demand. The expansion of the OSI Food Solutions plant in Toledo will see the production of chicken products move from 12,000 to 24,000. There has been a significant increase in the number of people who would like to consumer products from this company, and the company is not ready t0 disappoint them. Everyone will get products from this company because there is the willingness of the company to accomplish the mission.

The expansion of the Toledo plant will take total production from this plant to 45,000 tons. This means that the company will be in a good position to deliver to its customers. OSI Food Solutions is also concerned about the increase in its food production activities across its 65 food production plants. It wants to ensure that production in each one of them is optimal. The international growth that this company is pushing for can only be accomplished when the company accomplishes its goal of more production.

Why Ted Bauman Believes That Stocks and Bonds Are the Best Protection Strategies to Your Investment Portfolio

Ted Bauman is the perfect embodiment of hard work pays irrespective of your current stage in life. This seasoned business expert has grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to reckon with in the investment sector. A recent interview with ideamensch helped lift the lid on his extraordinary life. The seasoned financial expert clinched the editor’s position of the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock upon joining the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. While holding this esteemed position, he became adept at international migration issues, low-risk investment strategies and asset protection. The Atlanta-based investment guru is considered to be a family man and unwinds by spending ample time with his wife and kids.

Ted Bauman incredibly spent adequate time helping clients get in touch with sufficient resources needed to live independent lives free from corporate greed and government oversight. The Washington-based native created wonderful memories on Maryland’s eastern shore before immigrating to South Africa for further studies. His stint at the University of Cape Town earned him a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. During his two-decade career in South Africa, the investment expert managed to land lucrative executive positions ranging from a fund manager for affordable housing projects to the non-profit sector. His latest venture, the Slum Dwellers International, has progressively grown to serve over 14 million people in 35 different nations.

How A Typical Day Looks Like And What It Takes To Be Productive?

A typical day begins with getting up early in the morning, preparing his daughter for school and heading to his basement office to catch up on various work activities. Since he doesn’t commute to work, Ted Bauman is privileged with ample time to complete various tasks before the business day can begin. His efforts are harnessed towards current news and topics that appeal to his vast subscribers.

How Ideas Are Brought To Life

As an avid writer, Ted Bauman strives to deliver compelling topics that subscribers can relate to. Topics such as asset protection and finance have become a firm favorite especially when he incorporates essential narrative and writing skills to expound on the benefits of various topics.

What Would He Do Differently If He Were To Start Again?

Better time management has proven to be a resource as opposed to adapting his work style to accommodate time.

How You Can Protect Your Wealth from the Next Market Crash

Creating Protection around Your Investment Portfolio

Common sense dictates having protective strategies to protect investments for the long run. As a shrewd investor, he firmly believes in developing a defensive strategy as opposed to seeking quick huge gains.

Invest In Stocks and Bonds

Bonds and stock investments are an excellent tool for generating wealth. Such a sentiment stems from the fact that bonds act as a protective fortress to your investment portfolio and offer monthly dividends instead of regular stock market gains or losses.


Why Southridge Capital is Changing Lives

There are many organizations and high net worth individuals who are looking for financial advisory services so that they can survive the tough economic times. These clients always have a time locating an institution that will meet the high standards that they deserve. There are millions of financial advisory companies in the entire world. However, getting a reliable institution is a tough job that cannot be accomplished by many. If you are in need of financial advisory services in the public department, you do not have to scratch your head anymore. Southridge Capital is a financial advisory company that will offer the high-quality products and services you are searching for.


Southridge Capital is not new in the market, and it has been dedicated to serving the diverse clients who come from various parts of the country. With the professionals in this organization, customers in the public department can be assured of a wide spectrum of innovative financial services. The founders of the financial services company understand the challenges faced by the customers, and they have the best products that will solve all of the challenges. Southridge Capital is not a stranger to the customers in the American market. According to the management reports, the financial services company was founded several years ago, and it has already studied the market and realized the kind of products the client needs to live a financially stress-free life. For more info you can visit



Southridge Capital successful nature is attributed to the team of experts that have been given the responsibility of handling the complicated needs of the customers. The leaders in this institution have a great understanding of the modern marketplace, and they have introduced ways of executing the financial plans of the customers. Since it was founded, the finance company has successfully managed to invest almost two billion dollars in the growth of various companies in the public sector. All of these companies are based in various regions of the world. Southridge has done an excellent job in changing the lives of more than two hundred and fifty public companies in America and other countries. Customers can trust the excellent services in the company.

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Why You Need to Diversify – The Oxford Club

According to the Oxford Club, one of the single most important activities that an investor needs to do is diversify their portfolio. Considering that the Oxford club is the largest investor club in the world, those looking to invest smarter may want to take heed of their advice. Serving members of 130 countries, the Oxford Club provides relevant information to their members to help them make good investments and increase their wealth.


To The Oxford Club diversify means a couple of different things. One, investors should diversify by having multiple types of investments that they put their money into throughout the year. For instance, a commodities trader may not want to put all of his eggs in one basket. They may also want to put some funds in other types of investments, like stocks and bonds. While one investment type is lacking, the other could essentially pick up the financial slack. This is why it’s important to have different types of investments considering you never know when one industry may plummet.


Another way to diversify is by having investments of different sizes. A smart investor may have some small investments but also may have some larger investments like maybe a large commercial building. While the large investment may yield more income, it can also possibly yield more loss depending on how risky it is. Which leads to another type of diversity needed by any good investor, a mixture of very risky investments compared to some that are less risky. This keeps your portfolio even and leaves a little more room for error.


Another tip that the Oxford Club has is always knowing when it’s time to sell. Be careful not to hold your investments too long to where you actually lose money versus gain money, which is the point of investment. Last, the Oxford Club says to never pay too much for your investments and always cut your costs. One of the best ways to cut costs on your investment is to try to limit the amount of taxes you pay on it throughout the year.

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Why Choosing Southridge Capital Will Help Your Debt Problems

If you’d like to finally say goodbye to your debt problems, you need a financial solutions agency that can help out. Trying to get rid of your debt or credit score problems on your own can be an effort in futility. You might spend months trying to formulate a budget or work with your creditors, only to find that you’re not getting the results that you want or need. This is when it’s a good time to give Southridge Capital a try for yourself. There are lots of benefits to hiring a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital. This company can help with all sorts of problems, such as debt issues, wealth management and even credit score repair.

Southridge Capital has been working with people for years and has a massive amount of experience behind them. In fact, they are based in Connecticut, but they can help people from all over the country, so you can feel confident knowing you’re choosing a good company that is going to assist you in just about anything and everything that you need right now. Be sure to give Southridge Capital a call and see if they can work with you, as well as what they are going to charge for this specific service as well. They are reasonably priced when it concerns hiring Southridge Capital and having them handle just about any debt problems that you need to get fixed. You can visit

There are lots of reasons why Southridge Capital is the right choice for you, as this is something that is going to be of assistance to you and ensures that you are able to overcome the many problems that you’re facing in life right now. Living with debt or having a bad credit score that is preventing you from taking out a loan or mortgage can be a major issue for you, and this is why so many people have made the decision to hire Southridge and know that this company is a great choice for their needs and will be there for them when they need it the most in life. You can follow their Twitter page.


The Prolific Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a financial company which has been in business for twelve years. The company’s headquarters are in Chicago. The company has offices in Pennsylvania and also The Great Britain.

The sole purpose of this company is to offer advice on marketing investments, provide services to banking enterprises, and also offer valuation to other companies. The company has been instrumental in offering services to consultant firms. Madison Street Capital has helped businesses in gaining credit facilities.

Vital Care Industries have benefited from the company’s initiatives. They have been able to select a worthy lender hence acquiring loans commercially. The company has a good staff of professionals who carry with them massive experience and have good knowledge in their respective fields. Many reputable companies have sought the services of Madison Street Capital.

Due to its excellence, Anthony Marsala was selected for the forty under forty award by the association of valuators nationally. The program has been set up to recognize the achievements of the young brilliant leaders in business. The program only applies to those leaders whose accomplishments have been valued by their companies.

Madison Street capital was also recognized during the summer awards which were held in the year 2016. The company was categorized as the finalist in the advisor awards. The award is also given to companies who offer advice on how to acquire deals and the way the deals should be restructured.

The capital company has been influential in the banking sector. The company was nominated as the leader in the boutique investment category by the experts. The category falls under the firms which are involved in banking. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

The company won an award in January of the year 2017. The award was enlisted as a turnaround award. Before winning the award, the company had competed with innumerable companies which were over three hundred in total.

The company was applauded for its achievements by the president of the advisory company. The awards were conducted at the Palm Beach hotel where the company was honored. The company also helped a software company named DCG when it was joining with The Spitfire Group.

DCG was helped to analyze the financial details of the other company before making a deal with them. Madison Street Capital also supported it with good pieces of advice on how to restructure it and carry on with their activities.

Madison Capital has served as an advisor for ARE Security Corporation. The corporation deals in the investment where transactions are made depending on the available grounds. Essential services in computer systems are protected by the company.

The services are normally located in agencies of the government and nuclear power plants. The Madison Street Capital has provided services translating to around 13 million on the sale lease back value.

Funds have been donated by the company to areas which have been hit by adverse weather effects. These areas include the Western and Eastern states in the year 2011. The company has been part of the non-profitable organizations like the American Red Cross and The United Way which have helped many individuals.

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