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William Saito Highly Skilled and Popular Tech Entrepreneur

William Saito is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of technology and is also a programming prodigy. He landed his first job as a computer programmer at the young age of ten. The first tech company that he started was when he was in college, right out of his dorm room. It showcases how enterprising William Saito has been from the very young age. The company that he started in college went on to become the I/O Software that in collaboration with Sony developed the finer-print recognition software. In 1998, William Saito was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. Recently, he released the book he wrote titled An Unprogrammed Life: Adventure of an Incurable Entrepreneur. In this book, William Saito described the various challenges he faced as an entrepreneur and how he overcome those challenges.


He also advises the new entrepreneurs in the book about what they need to do and what not to do as an entrepreneur. In the highly competitive world of technology, it is hard to make it big. However, the company he started from his dorm room went on to collaborate with Sony and was eventually bought out by Microsoft. It showcases his programming as well as entrepreneurial skills. William Saito said that his curiosity played a vital role in his success as from the very beginning; he was always looking to disassemble things and see how it worked. He said that on the recommendation of his science teacher, his parents mortgaged the house to get the loan necessary to buy a computer for him. The first internship he got was at Merrill Lynch, where he helped develop simple programs for the company.

Later on, he worked from his dorm room while in college with many Japanese companies. One of the works he enjoyed doing was translate the software programs in Japanese. The work done by William Saito even from his dorm room was highly popular among the tech companies, especially the ones based in Japan. The I/O Software Inc continued to grow under the leadership of William Saito even from his college dorm. He said that he was branded as not so fresh in his college, especially among the women. Not having a highly active social life helped him focus on his work and the company’s growth. He later collaborated with Sony to develop the fingerprint scanner that continues to be used in vogue across the world today.