Basis: An Anti-Aging Pill From Elysium Health

About Elysium Health Company

Elysium Health is a company founded by biologists Dan Alminana, Leonard Guarente, and Eric Marcotulli in 2014, based on a dietary supplement. The following year, Elysium Health started selling a dietary product composed by two supplements, nicotinamide riboside rich in Vitamin B found in yeast, pterostilbene, a polyphenol which is found in blueberries into one capsule called Basis. Other companies marketed this dietary product.

Elysium Health Company differentiated dietary supplement industry products as scientific and exclusive, through the packaging of its products, by only using company’s website to sell their products, and by an initiative of inviting six winners of Nobel Prize to join their scientific advisory board. Elysium Health used the social media platform to market its products.


Due to opportunities that were found in health and biomedical industries, Elysium Health is one the company that was formed together with other several firms at the same time by experts with same knowledge in the tech industry and Silicon Valley who focused on anti-aging. The company gets its ingredients for their dietary supplement products from the Chromadex company. This firm ventured into a partnership with Harvard University, University of Cambridge and also the University of Oxford; it also extended its idea to investors. By December 2016, the company had raised 26.2 million US dollars from investors. This money was to facilitate a study of an anti-aging supplement and also other supplements.

The Anti-Aging Pill

Due to the advancement of technology, the chemicals that are used to prolong the lives of mice and worms will be turned into the laboratory to over counter the vitamin pills so that people can take to combat aging. Leonard Guarente founded the startup which is developing an anti-aging supplement, and he says that through tweaking of the body’s metabolism, it can slow down the aging process. Guarente introduced nutraceuticals process; the process does not need any approval by Food and Drug Administration or clinical trials.

The company brought forth a marketing strategy to market the anti-aging molecules as a product of dietary supplement as well as doing post-marketing studies and monitoring of clients by doing follow-ups. The company will make its products available through its website thus following pharmaceutical production standards. A market of 30 billion US dollars has increased by 7 percent in a year and twice of the same on online sales. A synergistic effect is expected from a pill that makes the body to transform into Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. The pill also contains an antioxidant, pterostilbene that stimulates sirtuins.

Products of Elysium Health

• Nicotinamide Riboside, 250mg
• Pterostilbene, 50mg
• Basis

Mission of Elysium Health

Elysium Health’s mission is to solve complex health challenges through science, help people to understand a shaped world by technology and living a healthier life, and longer.

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