Jeremy Goldstein and the Fountain House

What’s the hardest part when it comes to finding a lawyer? Anyone who’s ever needed a lawyer knows it’s finding the right lawyer. For regular people, finding a lawyer isn’t easy; for companies based in New York, they only need to make an appointment at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC.

When it comes to advising clients on matters of executive compensation or corporate governance, there’s no better attorney than Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is New York’s go-to attorney, especially when it comes to figuring out employee benefits. Most people probably don’t know, but employee benefits are a big thing now, and Jeremy Goldstein is at the forefront of the debate.

While Jeremy Goldstein is known for his legal expertise, he’s also an avid philanthropist. Of the many nonprofit organizations he works with, Fountain House is his primary philanthropy. Fountain House is an organization that helps patients with mental illness.

Recently, Goldstein held a wine dinner to raise money for the Fountain House foundation. Goldstein takes mental illness seriously, considering how often men ignore mental issues they may be having. As the world focuses on helping each other, Goldstein wants more men and women to realize the severity of mental illness and seek help if they need it.

Every year, Goldstein hosts two private dinners with fellow Board members Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. Many members of Fountain House have suffered from mental illness at one point or another. Fountain House focuses on mental illness recovery in a different way than most.

Other organizations believe in separating patients from society for a while; Fountain House believes in promoting self-help. The program allows patients to recover in their ways with the help of professionals. The dinners help raise money for Fountain House programs.


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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Interview on Non-Urgent Patients


Emergency care is given the patients who need specialized treatment in hospitals. However, this is not the case in the country at the moment. Non-emergency cases find themselves in the emergency facilities as well. Below is the description of the situation in the great state of Florida.

The Scope of the matter

From the research carried by highly recognized institutions in the country in 2016, the Harvard School of Public Health, the National Public Radio, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about one-third of the Americans have been admitted in emergency rooms despite their case not being as urgent. Similar research had been carried in 1990, and the results were the mirror image of the new findings. Additionally, 37% of the Floridians have been taken to the emergency rooms either without knowing that it was an emergency case or immediately getting to the emergency room that it is known.

Why is such a case for so long? To answer the question, health reporter, Abe Aboraya, from Orlando has an interview with professor Robert Blendon, and his opinion on the matters was that about one-third of the Floridians had been victims of such as well in the past two years.

The Emergency Doctor’s opinion

Despite witnessing such cases happening and even handling some of them in good faith, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has failed to understand exactly what goes wrong. When he was interviewed recently, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel in his opinion explained why this is the case. This was due to lack of access to the medical care. Therefore, the patients find it better to go to the emergency centers to receive the much-needed help. Thus, despite the situation, they still make it their responsibility to attend to the patients despite the situation. However, as the non-emergent cases increase in the emergency rooms, it makes it difficult to participate in the emergency cases and thus the stretch of hospital resources.

Regardless of the confusion, the emergency doctors and the entire staff works harder to curb the problem and attend to all the patients equally without any form of discrimination or favor.

The Meaning Of Being Eccentric With Success: Attorney Todd Levine

Aside from having a diversified set of legal knowledge, Mr. Todd Levine has also made use of other forms of knowledge to increase his fame in the courtroom. Mediation skills have given him an edge as well. Just how has he utilized his extracurricular skills when dealing with clients?


Because Mr. Todd Levine has an interest in outside areas, this has allowed him to utilize strategies that gives him a distinct advantage. For instance, his knowledge of mediation and math gives him an analytical approach that is considered “out-of-the-box” by some. knowing how to examine documents and use his insights are what has given this attorney a claim to fame. Mediation is a specialty of attorney Levine, and he has used it for his clients in ways that defy logic and expectation sometimes. Victory is the goal in the courtroom and having an attorney go the distance to increase the odds is rare in today’s legal arena.


Todd Levine founded, along with other partners, a law firm in Miami. Although this firm only deals with family law, the work and dedication is there and present to all to behold. Starting with 17 lawyers to now having more than 30 is a quite impressive feat when all the surrounding information and history is considered. There is a Boca Raton office and a Minneapolis office as well. Having experience as a litigator has allowed Todd to handle some tough cases that only those of his standards are prepared to deal with.


Being born in 1966 in North Miami, Todd Levine has the necessary upbringing that leans towards hard work and success. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1991 with his J.D. With over 25 years of experience, Todd has dedicated his life to fighting cases and helping clients receive the justice they deserve.

Bruce Katzen, The Pride of Kluger, Kaplan’s Trust & Estate Litigation Group

With a ready proficiency, and applied ability acquired and developed through training and experience, Bruce Katzen is no less than the most prized attorneys of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. He is also one of the top-rated Estate & Trust Litigation Attorneys in Miami, FL. His remarkable degree of character, diligence and intelligence define his professional life.

Bruce Katzen attained his education at the University of Miami School of law. He was licensed to practice in 1984 in Florida. His practice areas include Estate & Trust Litigation, Business Litigation and Securities Litigation. Currently, Bruce Katzen’s office has an office at 201 South Biscayne Boulevard 27th Floor Miami, FL 33131.

Bruce Katzen is also the chair of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. Based on his training background as a Certified Public Accountant, he has narrowed his practice on litigation of guardianship and trust, probate litigation and commercial disputes. In commercial litigation, he is famous for securities, cooperate matters, FiNRA arbitrations, accountants’ liability and focuses his practice on litigation of probate, trust and guardianship disputes as well as commercial litigation, including corporate matters, securities, accountants’ and stockbroker liabilities.

Bruce Katzen has earned recognition for his hard work and success in the fields of financial fraud, trust and guardianship, franchise, probate, life insurance coverage, and company purchase and sale disputes. Due to his commitment and contributions in his field of practice, Bruce Katzen has received numerous prestigious awards notably the Best Lawyers in America, U.S. News and World Report, Securities/Capital Markets Law, 2011 – 2019; Super Lawyers Business Edition, 2011-2012; Super Lawyers, Florida and Super Lawyers Magazine, 2010 – 2018.

Super Lawyers is an award given to high performing lawyers from over seventy areas of practice. To achieve this rating, Bruce Katzen proved that he had attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The foolproof process of selection comprises research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

Over Three Decades Michael Lacey Has Proven One of the Country’s Leading Mathematicians and Academics

A renowned mathematician since the late 1980s, Michael Thoreau Lacey has during his long career carried out work in the fields of probability and harmonic analysis.

The recipient of a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign in 1987, Lacey was advised by celebrated Austrian mathematician Walter Philipp, who himself worked extensively in the field of probability and successfully solved a mathematical problem constructed by the legendary Paul Erdős. Lacey’s doctoral thesis was based in the field of functional analysis, and centered on probability in Banach spaces. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Following the acquisition of his doctorate, Lacey worked at Louisiana State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Indiana University, working at the latter for seven years, from 1989 to 1996. He subsequently became a Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a position that he has held since.

During the course of his career, Lacey has been awarded a number of fellowships, the first of which he was granted while working at UNC-Chapel Hill. As a recipient of the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Lacey undertook a study of the Hilbert transform, a linear operator that plays a significant role in signal processing. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

This study saw Lacey and German mathematician Christoph Thiele solve a mathematical conjecture on the Hilbert transform developed by Alberto Calderón, a feat won them the Salem Prize in 1996. Lacey, in conjuction with Phillipp, also carried out extensive work on central limit theorem, a principal which is central to probability theorem, at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In 2004, Lacey was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, and in 2012, he received another from the American Mathematical Society. His work has also been recognized by world-famous private foundation, the Simons Foundations.

As a professor, Lacey has actively mentored numerous undergraduates, postgraduate and postdoctoral students, many of whom have achieved considerable academic success following their education. During the course of his career, Lacey has advised and mentored over ten postdoctoral students, while also directing a variety of educational awards such as the Mathematical Sciences VIGRE and MCTP grants from the National Science Foundation.

A Dallas, Texas Based Financial Service Company That Has Had A Long-Term Record OF Success.

NexBank was founded in 1934 and has enlarged to 88 employees at three locations. NexBank handles revolving lines of credit, term loans, tailored depository services and also loan participations like syndicated national credits. In addition to NexBank Capital, NexBank SSB is a component of NexBank Capital. NexBank SSB is a regional bank with $6.4 billion in assets.

Recently, Nexbank financial service company announced a successful close of millions of dollars in private placement of subordinated notes for some of their large net worth financiers.

NexBank Capital, which is a financial service company whose headquartered in Dallas, Texas, announced not long ago a successful close of 54 million dollars private placement of a fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes. These notes are for high net worth financiers and also their important institutional investors.

This financial closing was significant for NexBank. NexBank was able to raise $283 million in equity and debt two years ago. NexBank has been deemed the 11th largest bank in Texas. Nexbank is also known as the 150th biggest bank in the U.S.

NexBank provides plenty of benefits as part of their credit services like agency services as well as treasury management. NexBank’s agency services include letters of credit issuer, providing an administrative agent, escrow servicer, collateral trustee, as well as the successor agent. NexBank can offer commercial accounts, high-yield money market accounts, and analysis accounts.

The Nexbank notes are considered having the investment grade rating of BBB. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency also gave NexBank Capital’s notes that BBB grade. The firm of Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P., was the sole replacement agent for the private offering of NexBank Capital’s notes.

NexBank provides mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking services. NexBank is recognized for its timeliness, attention to reliability, and quality of execution regarding the commercial lending side of their firm. NexBank’s commercial lending side of business includes SBA loans and commercial loans. Concerning the Commercial Real Estate Lending, NexBank Capital does Interim and Bridge Financing, Refinancing, Owner-occupied Permanent Financing, Mini-permanent financing, and real estate. NexBank Capital also covers construction and development needs of its clients as well.

Why Ted Bauman Believes That Stocks and Bonds Are the Best Protection Strategies to Your Investment Portfolio

Ted Bauman is the perfect embodiment of hard work pays irrespective of your current stage in life. This seasoned business expert has grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to reckon with in the investment sector. A recent interview with ideamensch helped lift the lid on his extraordinary life. The seasoned financial expert clinched the editor’s position of the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock upon joining the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. While holding this esteemed position, he became adept at international migration issues, low-risk investment strategies and asset protection. The Atlanta-based investment guru is considered to be a family man and unwinds by spending ample time with his wife and kids.

Ted Bauman incredibly spent adequate time helping clients get in touch with sufficient resources needed to live independent lives free from corporate greed and government oversight. The Washington-based native created wonderful memories on Maryland’s eastern shore before immigrating to South Africa for further studies. His stint at the University of Cape Town earned him a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. During his two-decade career in South Africa, the investment expert managed to land lucrative executive positions ranging from a fund manager for affordable housing projects to the non-profit sector. His latest venture, the Slum Dwellers International, has progressively grown to serve over 14 million people in 35 different nations.

How A Typical Day Looks Like And What It Takes To Be Productive?

A typical day begins with getting up early in the morning, preparing his daughter for school and heading to his basement office to catch up on various work activities. Since he doesn’t commute to work, Ted Bauman is privileged with ample time to complete various tasks before the business day can begin. His efforts are harnessed towards current news and topics that appeal to his vast subscribers.

How Ideas Are Brought To Life

As an avid writer, Ted Bauman strives to deliver compelling topics that subscribers can relate to. Topics such as asset protection and finance have become a firm favorite especially when he incorporates essential narrative and writing skills to expound on the benefits of various topics.

What Would He Do Differently If He Were To Start Again?

Better time management has proven to be a resource as opposed to adapting his work style to accommodate time.

How You Can Protect Your Wealth from the Next Market Crash

Creating Protection around Your Investment Portfolio

Common sense dictates having protective strategies to protect investments for the long run. As a shrewd investor, he firmly believes in developing a defensive strategy as opposed to seeking quick huge gains.

Invest In Stocks and Bonds

Bonds and stock investments are an excellent tool for generating wealth. Such a sentiment stems from the fact that bonds act as a protective fortress to your investment portfolio and offer monthly dividends instead of regular stock market gains or losses.