Vinod Gupta Managing Partner, Everest Group


Vinod Gupta is one of the few who very early on recognized the value data and the ability to effectively manage it. With a highly decorated background in both technology and business, Mr. Vinod Gupta has been able to become a self-made millionaire, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.


During his time at Commodore Corporation, Vinod Gupta created a tool out of data and used it to generate revenue. Vinod created a list of potential customers for Commodore, a mobile home construction company that contained other companies that would benefit from the products and services of Commodore. This strategy turned out to very successful, so much in fact by 1972 Gupta funded American Business Information and become the Chief Executive Officer.


American Business Information became an industry leader for other businesses seeking solutions on how to expand their business. In 1992, after many years of success, Gupta renamed the company to InfoUSA and stepped down as Chief Executive Officer. InfoUSA would continue to grow beyond the borders of the United States to become a global company, providing consulting solutions to businesses around the world. By 2010, Gupta changed the name once again from InfoUSA to InfoGroup to reflect its global positioning. That same year InfoGroup was bought for $680 million. Go To This Page to learn about how he became successful, in his interview with IdeaMensch.


Today Gupta is with Everest Group, where he is the Managing General Partner. Everest Group provides consulting solutions to struggling businesses as well as venture capital. Everest Group, led by Vinod Gupta primarily focuses on solutions relating to business who utilizes database as a pillar of their companies.





Herbalife’s Commendable Support to Jonathan Dos Santos, A Renowned Sportsman

Herbalife Nutrition is a famous global nutrition firm. Its core aim is to make the world a happier and better place in health. The mission at Herbalife is nutrition is to change the lives of people through incredible nutrition programs and products. Herbalife began operating in 1980 and it is committed to the same mission to date. They have independent distributors who are no different from Herbalife in providing the solution in the world in matters of obesity and poor nutrition. They take care of the aging populations through pioneering public healthcare costs and increasing the number of entrepreneurs from different ages. Herbalife is dedicated to the provision of quality, science-backed goods, and one on one coaching with independent distributors. They also have a community strategy to encourage the residents to live healthy and active lifestyles. Their major products target matters or nutrition, energy & fitness, weight management, and personal care. They are made available through the Herbalife Nutrition distributors in various countries.


Herbalife is not only dedicated to business pursuits, the company has established programs to offer corporate social amenities to the needy in the society. Herbalife has a foundation called Herbalife Family Foundation as well as Casa Herbalife program that they use to offer perfect nutrition to the needy children in the community. Herbalife prides in sponsoring over 190 renowned athletes, events, and teams from all over the world. Recently, Herbalife signed a sponsorship to Jonathan Dos Santos. Jonathan Dos Santos is a member of the Mexican National Team and midfielder for La Galaxy. The sponsorship is a multi-year in specific, which will involve a strong partnership in nutrition all the way to 2021 MLS season. Rich Goudis, the chief executive officer of Herbalife Nutrition said that the entire company is excited to be an exclusive partner in sort performance for Jonathan. It is because of his commitment to the fitness, nutrition, and community, which is the same purpose for Herbalife that he received the sponsorship.


Because of this partnership with Herbalife, Jonathan will be privileged to access the sports performance products from the company. This will help him in fueling the efforts to maximize his productivity in the field. Jonathan expresses his feedback towards this honor. He said that he knows the significance of exercising a balanced nutrition as an athlete. He was very thrilled to be part of the Herbalife Nutrition expert in developing a more personal plan for achievement of hydration and nutrition needed for competing to winning.