Sightsavers Success with Collaboration in Ghana

Success with Collaboration in Ghana

Sightsavers is excited to see the results hard work in Ghana. After a collaboration of government, national organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and much needed funding Trachoma has been eliminated. Eradicating a common disease is not easy, it takes a group of like minded individuals to work together with the same goals in mind. Ghana has been officially determined that it is no longer a public health problem.


Trachoma is an easily treated disease. If caught in time it can have no lasting effects to the individual who contracts it. It is normally spread by flies and human contact. Trachoma starts as a bacterial infection and worsens. Symptoms include the lids of the infected person turning under thus making the eyelashes scratch the eye possibly causing irreversible damage and even blindness. The recent accomplishment is part of a larger problem affecting about 200 million people throughout the world. The accomplishments in Ghana gives hope for more successes.


In order to treat diseases like Trachoma education is extremely important. The companies involved in the fundraising, treatment, organizing, and the individuals in communities that are being exposed to these diseases need to be educated and be able to understand the best way to treat and avoid infections. Through a collaboration of individuals and organizations including the pharmaceutical companies diseases like Trachoma can be controlled and some day, possibly eliminated.


The success of Sightsavers Ghana would never have happened without help from the pharmaceutical companies who provided the medication to treat and prevent the spread of Trachoma. Through the kindness of Pfizer who provided millions of doses of the medication to treat the disease, the doctors and medical facilities who donated their time, the educators and organizations who participated in the program to fight Trachoma a seemingly hopeless situation became triumphant. It proves that together we can change the world.


Banyan Hill Publisher is a quickly expanding publishing organization with its foundation dating back as far as 1998 with the name Sovereign Society. It offers undeterred investment advice to more than 400,000 subscribers a day assisting them to spot prospective investment opportunities from a team of experts.

This website’s name was derived from the unique banyan tree where some aerial roots provide support to its branches which serve as additional trunks as it grows to enable it to survive natural calamities. This company changed its name to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 with the aim of assisting Americans to gain the freedom of maximum wealth by giving them the choice of their financial decisions and extending their wealth with minimum risks. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Jeff.

For the investors looking to maneuver from an inevitable financial storm can either see a financial advisor who dispenses their organization’s cut-throat advice and charging a pretty penny or can take their chances without outside interference. In this matter, Banyan Hill Publishing provides an alternative for extending and securing wealth. With the help of the websites, investors can catch a glimpse of the company’s renowned experts’ strategies they have personally used in the growth of their wealth and put them into practice.

The company’s professionals advise on a vast array of investment ideas covering a great variety of prospective opportunities in the growing and securing of wealth. The panel of professionals in the company includes Paul Mampily the Senior Editor, Matt Badiali, Ian King, Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine with his experience of over 20 years in financial journalism and stock market investment entered Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director after Ted Bauman. Being one of the Emmy-nominated anchor working with PBS Nightly Business Report as a correspondent from 1994 to 2010, he’s learned and interviewed investment pioneers in the world.

Jeff Yastine reported about the tech bubble in the late 1990s and the real estate predicament in mid-2000s which warned the investors of the hazards of such growth. He has also covered major national events like Deepwater Horizon 2010 oil spill, the financial effects of 2005 brought by Hurricane Katrina, and the Panama Canal handoff to Panamanian control from the U.S. in 1999. He covered the impact of foreign investors in Cuba on the country’s economy in 1994 and 2003. Jeff Yastine attended the University of Florida and attained a B.A. in Telecommunications in 1983 and 1986.



Matt Badiali: An Expert in Natural Resource Investments

Matt Badiali is a Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the Delray Beach, Florida publishing company in March 2017. He began the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter during 2017 at Banyan Hill Publishing. He recognized his niche in the natural resource market because he has a vast amount of understanding of the science involved in the industry. His subscribers have benefited from his experience in the field of geology. His readers have generated as much as triple digit gains based upon the insight he has provided.

Badiali received a vast amount of education in the sciences. Matt Badiali received his Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State in Geological and Earth Sciences. Later, he earned a Master of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology/Earth Sciences. Badiali was a PhD Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Sedimentary Geology. A friend recognized there was room for Badiali to experience career success because of his scientific expertise. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

As an expectant Father, Badiali left his doctoral research to pursue a career in the marketplace after he was introduced to the financial industry. Previously, Matt Badiali worked as a Geologist/Analyst at Stansberry& Associates. At Stansberry, Matt Badiali was responsible for the development of the Stansberry Resource Report which is globally recognized as one of the premier natural resource publications. Additionally, Badiali worked as a Geologist at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company, where he was responsible for implementing a new division and conducting site visits.

In addition to his duties as a Senior Analyst, Matt Badiali is an avid developer of products, public speaker, and researcher. Moreover, Badiali is the Editor of Real Wealth Strategist & Front Line Profits. Suggestions are made by Badiali to readers regarding small-cap stocks with high growth potential. Badiali feels the future of the energy market will change in the future. He believes that the fossil fuel dependence will deteriorate. Badiali feels there will be a shift towards electricity. As battery technology improves, Badiali believes the use of electricity will increase.



Paul Mampilly: Finance Fixer

Finances can be a very hard thing to manage for an individual or a company. knowing what to invest in and what would be the new trend in the market takes time and experience. a lot of information that is made available to the General Public isn’t specific or in depth enough to give the upper hand to the everyday citizens looking for Financial Freedom. the total wealth Symposium is an annual event that is meant to help out with this problem. This Gathering helps people looking to invest and make important Financial choices. They are spoken to by some of the world’s leading individuals in the financial and investment world. many of the speakers are very wealthy and owners of their own businesses and companies. Paul Mampilly is one of the individuals that will be speaking at this year’s event. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampillyhas been very successful in his own finances. he is a senior editor and founder of his own company profits Unlimited. this is a newsletter that dedicate yourself to detailing and showcasing stocks that Paul believe are going to rise and become very lucrative opportunities. He has a lot of experience in the industry started as an assistant manager but in time Rose to a manager thanks to his extensive knowledge. He has worked with Sears in the Royal Bank of Scotland in the past two great success. Paul Mampilly mango that every attendee of the of the event can earn $1000000 by the end of the next year. he is dedicating his time resources and knowledge to help people get ahead in the business world.

Paul Mampilly will not be the only speaker. Jeff Yastine, ted Bauman, and Ian King will also be doing presentation and giving their input. all of these men are well accomplished and know how to help the attendees. they were discussed topic like cyber security, investment opportunities options trading, and Technology. The total wealth symposium will be a great event for everyone involved. it is a place for those to want more to receive knowledge. there should be more events like this going on for other Industries. Paul Mampilly and the others can be described as finance fixers. Read more:


FlavioMaluf: Reforming the Tax Incentives

Brazil transformed into one of the strongest economies of the world today. However, the South American country is having an issue regarding its relationship with the international community of business people. The business people who wanted to invest in Brazil are complaining about the difficult task that is being imposed on them by the government. The business owners who wanted to come to Brazil and start up a business are starting to get intimidated because the government wanted more taxes, and it has risen recently to ridiculous amounts. This high rate of taxes in the country is hurting the local economy, as more foreign businesses are choosing other countries as a replacement for Brazil. Argentina is another South American country which greatly benefits from the loss of businesses in Brazil. They are lowering their income rates so that the investors would be attracted to go back. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf, the current head of the Eucatex Group, requested the government to study the condition of the tax rate where he is currently living in. He stated that if the country continues to impose higher taxes on international companies, they would have to expect their numbers to dwindle. Many investors have settled in Brazil, but most of them wanted to leave the country after they found out about its tax rate. The president of the Eucatex Group wanted the Brazilian government to listen to the woes of the local and the international business community and warned the government that destructive aftermath is waiting to happen if they would not give in to his demands.

Flavio Maluf insisted that the trade deals signed by Brazil are only putting the country into chaos. He pleads the government that before they proceed on doing another task, they would have to study well the positive and negative effects of imposing a higher tax rate. The government, on the other hand, cleared out that the society firmly needs the transactions they are working in. They explained that it would be too hard for the government not to collect taxes because it is one of their most fundamental tasks.



Dr. Saad Saad Revolutionizes the Catheter

Dr. Saad Saad may wear the cap of accomplished surgeon for the field of pediatric care, but that is not the only title he holds. Dr. Saad Saad is also a patent holder, allowing him to wear the cap of inventor as well. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine. He earned his medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt, interned in England, and then immigrated to the U.S about 45 years ago. Since then he has performed thousands of pediatric surgeries, varying from the simple to the complex. He has gone on numerous medical missions both in the U.S. and Jerusalem, offering his surgical skill to the poor and destitute. His two inventions were moments of irritation and insight.


Dr. Saad is always looking for way to improve medical methods, this is true of many physicians the world over. They want to speed up recovery times, lessen pain, and reduce risk from their operations. In his tenure Dr. Saad Saad has developed many new pediatric surgical procedures to enhance the success of certain operations. He has also created two inventions that replace older, less functional devices for the sake of making people’s jobs easier. His first invention is called a Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device.


Catheters are essentially tubes that are used for a varied range of functions. They are inserted into the body to either perform a surgical procedure, or in the treatment of a medical condition. Doctors can use the tubes to drain fluids, alleviate gases, or gain access to certain areas of the anatomy with surgical instruments. As catheters are designed to be left in the body, a problem arises when catheters need to be located prior to surgery. A catheter has to be placed somewhere that can be tracked. Surgeons have to be exact about this. Originally X-rays would be used to determine catheter placement, or alternatively an MRI. The former can be dangerous because of radiation, the latter inconvenient due to the bulky non-portable quality of the MRI machine.


So Dr. Saad Saad patented an invention that aids medical practitioners in locating the catheter easily. Instead of wasting precious time trying to determine where a catheter is, let the catheter tell you where it is. Dr. Saad strapped an integral electromagnetic location device to a catheter. The device uses electromagnetic energy to identity itself, allowing the catheter’s location to be easily seen. The device is housed in the tip of the catheter and communicates with an external locating device that scans the patients’ body. Much like a metal detector the external device can pinpoint the catheter location. This makes the operations faster, reduces risk, and allows patients to avoid X-rays and MRIs. Learn more

Banyan Hill Expert Ian King Shares Cryptocurrency Strategies with Readers

Banyan Hill Publishing is an independent source of prime investment advice. The website focuses on natural resources, commodities, small-cap stocks, options plays, mid-cap stocks, income-producers, and undervalued U.S. companies that have slipped through the cracks. Banyan utilizes a panel of foremost experts to deliver actionable investment tips to a pool of over 400,000 daily readers. The company was founded back in 1998 as The Sovereign Society. It quickly made a name for itself as a global organization devoted to the protection and investment of assets. The site simply offered readers advice and strategies to aid them in the investment market. Information pertained to numerous topics. They focused on the establishment and maintenance of offshore accounts, asset protection trusts, U.S. dollar diversification, second citizenship, financial privacy, corporations, foundations, and foreign residency. The name Banyan Hill came in 2016 when the company rebranded itself. Banyan’s main mission is to help everyday Americans better understand the complexities of the various investment markets. They do this through the prime advice their expert panel offers. Advice one will not find anywhere except Banyan Hill. The panel is rounded out by the best and brightest in the investment world, each bringing their own unique skill set to the playground. Among them is former hedge fund manager Ian King, a trader and investment analyst with decades of experience. His unique expertise lies in the field of cryptocurrency, the new kid on the block who is currently making a lot of waves. Visit to know more.

Ian King started at the bottom, working as a desk clerk for the Salomon Brothers mortgage bond trading firm. He tootled around moving from company to company, serving in the credit derivative department for Citigroup, and head option trader for Peahi Capital. It was here that Ian King decided to do what many successful investors do, stop making money for other people and make some for himself. He decided to focus on venture investing and ended up discovering cryptocurrency in the process. Ian King joined Banyan in 2017 and currently serves as the chief editor for Crypto Profit Trader. Crypto Profit Trader offers readers Ian King’s three-step process for finding winning trends in digital currency. He also offers advice on how to protect digital coinage, function in the fast-paced market, and how to understand virtual asset trading in general. Learn more:


Electronic Artists- Alex Pall

Closer is the new track released by the duo artists who call themselves ChainSmokers. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make the ChainSmokers and they have been composing and producing songs together including Don’t Let me Down, as well as Roses, but the new awaited song is a collaboration with Halsey. Pall and Andrew are modern DJs who make electronic music and since the beginning of their career in the entertainment industry, they have been relying on songwriters as well as vocalists to bring the best out of their music career. The two artists have been working day and night to make their brand known to the world instead of hiding behind the Dj booth.

Recently the two artists were interviewed on how they are doing to grow together with their growing audience, their brand as well as their music career. Alex was open to say that he was a Dj while he was growing up, Djing was his hobby and he moved around the New York City doing what he loved most. Within a short time, he realized and he loved it although it was scary doing something like Djing in New York which was not a job to him but for fun. While still doing his passion, Pall spent time at the art gallery dancing and there he met his partner Andrew through his manager. Alex and Drew had to make sacrifices, one being Alex quitting his job and Andrew moving from Maine to begin their music career.

Andrew Taggart was still in college when he met Alex and he was still doing his passion; Djing. He said that way before most people he loved electronic music. While in College Andrew say that his friends would make fun of him for putting on V-neck shirts and also listening to dance music. His love for music pushed him to start learning and eventually producing music. While still in college Mr. Taggart took advantage of the chances that presented themselves. He got an opportunity to play in different shows through the DJs who were signed in college and also put some of the songs on Sound Cloud which encouraged him to continue. The two artists knew they can work together because they were sure of what they were bringing on the table.

Ian King: Investment Advice for Traders of All Skill Levels

For anyone interested in making a savvy investment, there is an article located on CrunchBase that you should view. “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street” talks about the successful growth of the wonderful independent investment information dispensary. Not only does Banyan hell provide readers with weekly updated financial information, but it is delineated from a series of massively successful financial professionals. This roster of investment analysts is unmet by any other independent investment firm on the market. Its readers will find that there are different experts for different sections of the field, but the information is always based on sound judgment and expertise. Read more at Release Fact.

Cryptocurrency has been a major grower in recent years. In fact, there are many new investors that seek an opportunity to get into the crypto market. Publisher Ian King will tell you that the most recognizable type of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has experienced major growth in recent years as individuals look for different ways to secure their financial assets. With such a new and exciting type of commodity, it is difficult for investors to know when the best time is to purchase and what other types of cryptocurrency may be available to them. For Ian King, this, of course, remains a huge part of his financial investment knowledge. He maintains interest in these subjects so that he can provide a clear and concise description of his investment methods.

The career of Ian King has not always been that of an expert, like most people he started at the bottom as a desk clerk for companies like the Saloman Brothers’ and even had a summer job working for Merrill Lynch. Ian King became very successful when he began working for Citigroup, this is where he gained extensive knowledge in virtual currency and credit derivatives. Eventually, his knowledge culminated in a position as a head trader. He worked for Peahi Capital where he really showed what he could do. He still maintains a very rich knowledge base surrounding his time with these companies, as well as new information he’s gained over the years. He willingly elected to begin his work with Banyan Hill in an effort to provide such information to individuals who were working on their own types of independent investments. In fact, his information will remain beneficial for traders who are both skilled and knowledgeable or simply trying to get their feet wet. Learn more:


Michael Hagele’s Success Didn’t Come From Just Sitting At A Desk

Early on in Michael Hagele’s life he realized that hard work and initiative was going to be the only way to really find success. He knew that though hard work was important you had to make sure that you were working hard at something the most effective way. You can work really hard all day trying to push a door open, but if you use the tools available to you such as the key for said door, you can work hard and as Michael found out, you can work efficiently. Thus then you are immediately able to move the next task at hand. Hard work is crucial, but don’t make work that can be done easily hard by ignoring your tools you have at hand. Visit at to learn more.

Michael Hagele puts in long hours to be able to accomplish everything that he needs to in a day. Does this mean that he does not take any breaks in a day though? Of course not, he is in-tune with his body and knows that a physical break will allow his mental stamina to push through his long day. He has found that by the early afternoon he needs to take a break and go mountain or road biking, on crazy days where he just can’t afford to take a long enough break to go out biking Michael Hagele has discovered that a brisk walk around the block will start to clear the mind. Something about the physical excursion and fresh air allows the mind to reset and possibly come up with a creative alternative for an issue that one couldn’t come up with while sitting behind a desk.

Michael Hagele is a man that can adapt to his clients’ needs and find where they are lacking in support and then find a way to support them there as well. A good businessman can fulfill his clients’ needs; however, a great businessman will not only fulfill his clients’ needs but also go further and explore what they don’t even know they are missing. This is what Michael Hagele has found to be successful. Michael is a man that embraces technology and what it can do for the world along with future generations. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting: