Ted Bauman Explains the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies

Ted Bauman is an experienced investor. He explains that there are three categories of investors. The first is the educated investor, who knows what he or she is doing and follows a strategy that is smart and does not present large risks. The second is the gambler kind of investor, who takes risks, but like a gambler, knows that it is a risk and does it in a calculated fashion if he or she can afford to lose the money. Finally, there is the kind of investor that is simply desperate. He or she jumps into things because they need money fast.

Ted Bauman further explains that those who fall into the last category often go into cryptocurrencies.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been rising steadily. Another cryptocurrency that people have been paying attention to is Ether. Ether recently became almost thirty percent of the cryptocurrency industry, although it soon dropped. This is despite the fact that Ether has a value that is a lot less than Bitcoin. Although that is true, there is a lot more Ether around than Bitcoin.

Ether is part of Ethereum. It benefited greatly when it came out with its ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is what investors use to describe the funding process for new cryptocurrencies when they launch. It is similar to the IPO system in the stock market, when you can get stock in a company at the beginning. However, when it comes to an ICO, you do not actually get stock in the company, only a promise that you will be able to have coins by trading in tokens.

When Ether came out with its ICO, it was worth only $0.40. Now, however, it is worth $175, though the price keeps on fluctuating. People who bought Ether when it only cost $0.40 are now very happy. However, people who bought Ether when it jumped up just before it crashed back down, when it cost nearly $400, are probably feeling very foolish.

There are currently around 20 ICOs every month. People who are desperate are sinking money in the ICOs in order to potentially make money. However, most of them get disappointed.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman letter. He is a journalist with Banyan Hill publishing. He is an experienced investor.

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What Igor Cornelsen Thinks Investors Need to Do

A large majority of wealthy people accumulate their wealth through investing money they’ve earned through working into stocks, bonds, or other endeavors. Some people choose to invest their money in international markets, a large one of which includes Brazil.

Brazil hosts a unique financial market to invest in, one that people with little experience often experience losses. Fortunately for everyone interested in Brazil’s investing opportunities, Igor Cornelsen has recently released a list of four tips that every prospective investor should focus on, made public by PR Newswire.

Brazil makes more financial transactions with companies and organizations in China than those belonging to any other country in the entire world. When China’s economic markets are performing well, it results in lower-priced raw materials created by Brazilian companies. Further, both countries ship out lots of manufactured goods to countries in Latin America. These three factors make investors keeping up with current events in the three involved regions highly important, including current events, news, and financial happenings. Learn more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen.

The real is the official currency of Brazil. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Brazil and all those who conduct business with the nation, the real’s value is significantly exaggerated and has been for some number of years. Even further lowering the foreseen prospects of the real is the fact that Brazil’s central bank has been running currency swaps with the real for the past five years, if not longer. Investors should stay away from the real.

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Investors should never trust their assets in the hands of any bank outside of the top nine in Brazil. Doing so sets them up for losing their money, predisposing them to unnecessarily high levels of risk.

Another important thing to keep in mind, according to Igor Cornelsen, is the appointment of political figures, as well as the fiscal policies they implement. Both can shake up financial markets.

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The Ultimate Purpose of Wainscoting Baseboards

Baseboard trims are not just excellent interior wall décor solutions. They are also very functional. When you make the right choice and are sure the baseboard is installed properly, it will bring out the elegance of the floor and wall. And it will accentuate the charm of the wainscoting panel.

Baseboards don’t always go hand in hand with wainscoting panels

Although baseboards are fundamental parts of classic wainscoting solutions, they stand on their own too. But when you want to match wall panels along with baseboards, you have to pay attention to the latter before installing any other board. Think of it as a building construction. The baseboard is the foundation. If the base is not straight, the rest of the boards will not line up correctly.

So, proper wainscoting installation starts by focusing on the correct installation of the baseboard. It should be leveled and aligned properly. The tricky part is at the corners and the points where the wall panel/baseboard meets with door casings. In this case, the door casing should prevail. In other words, the wall boards should not cover the casing. It will also be hard to deal with baseboard and flat panel installation at staircases. In such cases, the boards should be cut to follow the route of the stairways or such jobs should be left to experts. That’s a smart and time-effective solution too.

Should the baseboard match the wainscoting decoration?

Matching the style and color of the raised panel and the baseboard is always the safe way to go. But it’s not a must. You can use your creativity and imagination to make all sorts of combinations. You can choose an elegant wall panel and match the baseboard with the crown molding or window casing.

But what if you decide NOT to install a recessed panel and just install the baseboard? 

Especially if you don’t have a very simple crown molding and want to keep the room from giving the impression of being overcrowded, you can do that too.

After all, what’s the baseboard?

It’s a molding, which is also known as floor trim or skirting. It’s a board which covers the lowest part of the wall. Although it’s a decorative element, it primarily serves to cover up the little gap between the floor and the wall making the transition pleasing to the eye and smooth.

So, although the ultimate purpose of baseboards is simple, they are extremely important. 

What baseboards do is to:

  • Accentuate the looks of any modern wainscoting
  • Make the transition from the floor to the wall smooth
  • Hide the imperfections at these corners
  • Keep dust away and thus make cleaning so much easier
  • Keep insects away
  • Make a great visual impact

Consequently, baseboards are functional moldings but also enhance the aesthetics. In order to achieve both, you need to concentrate on their size and style.

What’s the perfect size for baseboards?

There is no such a thing as the perfect size. Like it happens with all moldings but also bead boards, the height of the ceiling plays a very important role. It must be big enough to play its role and make a statement, but not big enough to dominate in space. For 8 feet ceilings, you can get 5 ¼” tall baseboards. You can bring it up till 7” but it will depend on the size of other moldings present in the room – crown moulding, window & door casing.

These are often wider while baseboards are often taller. An average width of baseboards would be ½ to 1 inch thick. If the crown molding is rather tall, it’s best to install tall baseboards too. These two moldings stand at the lower and higher parts of the wall and it’s best to match them to make a better visual impact.

Which baseboard materials and styles to get? 

Wood is always an option. And it will look good with a wooden raised panel wainscoting too. But you can also choose MDF since it’s inexpensive and easy to paint. Remember that if you want to paint the baseboard, you should do it before installation. Alternatively, you can get vinyl baseboards. They are extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear. When it comes to wet environments, it’s wise to install plastic molding.

There are many profiles, sizes, and styles of baseboards to choose from on the market. And when it comes to style, remember that your aesthetics should be your beacon. Don’t forget that it’s best to match the baseboard with the ceiling molding and casing. And keep in mind that the golden rule in interior design is that the simpler profiles are always the best choice.

Secret party planning tips from a professional to get you started

If you are going to throw a party, getting advice from a pro can be very helpful. One event planner is willing to give away their trade secrets of how to throw a great party without losing your mind. It is pretty obvious that getting organized is the first step. Getting it down on paper and out of your mind will help ease your stress and will help you be more productive. If you ever watch party planners they always have a pad of paper and pen, or a smart phone to take notes every step along the way.


When you are planning the party, think about what will keep guests happy. Parents would be overjoyed if you set up a kid’s table to keep the little ones preoccupied. Then you offer a self-serve cocktail bar to keep the adults happy. It’s a win-win for everyone. The one thing you don’t want to forget is to send out those invites to your guests. Once you get organized, sending them out is the second step. This gives you guests plenty of time to prepare for your party. You may want to put some thought into those invitations, and party favors, but keep the party decor and food simple. Having someone cater saves you the time of doing it yourself and the stress. You can also opt to buy party trays at the store for simplicity’s sake. Most grocery store carry them, or you can even order them so you know you can expect that they will be there. At the end of the day enjoying yourself is what matters. Grab a cocktail, chat with guests, and have fun. Your guests will have a better time knowing you are relaxed and having fun.


Corporate event planners in NYC with a lot of experience is hard to find. Luckily there is Twenty Three Layers to the rescue. They have worked with big wig corporate clients such as Jaguar, Google, the David Lynch Foundation, and many more. They offer services that are designed to fit corporate functions such as branding, productions, and custom printing.


Twenty Three Layers is the best event planning companies in NYC to throw the most glamorous event or low key party. Their knack for outstanding design and eye for detail has caught the eye of many clients. It does hurt that they have great connections to the most elite establishments and most sought after vendors in the world.

National Steel Car- CEO Of The Biggest Manufacturing Company In Canada

National Steel Car is a company that is located in Hamilton, Canada. This is a company that deals with the production of railroad freight cars. National Steel Car also deals with the production of tank cars. National Steel Car has been led by a management that is focused on making the company great. Its current CEO Gregory James Aziz has been instrumental in the success that has been recorded in this company. He has been keen on his role as the CEO. National steel car is a company that is leading in making the engineering industry in the country thrive. Through the input of Greg Aziz, the company has been performing very well. The company have managed to perform very well and is leading in showing the world that it is possible for an engineering company to remain relevant for decades.


Greg Aziz is an economist. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Earlier, he had attended Ridley College. He was born in Ontario, Canada. Education, he has managed to put the company on the global map through good management that has seen the company improve greatly. He graduated in 1971 and then took a job in a family-owned food business. His impact on the management of this company remains long after he is gone. He managed to make the company a leading supplier of imported foods in the region. Under his tenure, Affiliated Foods became the number one company in the region. It is now a company that has been leading the resort in coming up with measures that are intended to make the industry big.



After working in the food business, he went to New York while he worked for a number of investments banks. As an investor, he got to know the business opportunities that were coming up in the region. It is while working her that he found Dofasco who were selling national steel car. Gregory Aziz decided to buy this company. This was in 1994. Since the company was not performing very well at the time, he decided to put measures that would improve the production capacity of the company.


Greg J Aziz bought this company when the production stood at 3500 cars in a year. However, this changed after he joined. He implemented measures that would see the company get to a production of 12000 after just 5 years of his leadership. This goes to show that he is a skilled investor who knows what is to be done to get a struggling company up again. Read More On This Page.

How Gregory James Aziz Has Steered National Steel Car to Success

When discussing National Steel Car, it is nearly impossible to go without mentioning Gregory James Aziz. Born in London back in 1949, Greg attended Ridley College; it is at this institution that he majored in Economics. Greg later pursued his degree at the University of Western Ontario. He is the alumnus of Western Ontario and holds a degree in economics from this institution.

Since establishment, National Steel Car has created its reputation in the car freight manufacturing industry as the pioneer and market leader. The freight manufacturer has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. The current chief executive officer and president of National Steel Car are Greg. At this company, Greg James Aziz additionally serves as the company’s chairperson of the executive board’s committee.


Before setting up National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz was working at his family’s wholesale food business. The company is popularly known as Affiliated Foods, Greg has worked at this company for more than 16 years overseeing its growth to becoming a reputable worldwide brand. Currently, Affiliated Foods holds the title of being one of the world’s largest importer of fresh agricultural produce.


Some of the counties Affiliated Foods outsources its agricultural from include nations in Europe and those in both North and Central America. Over the decades, Affiliated Foods has been on the market; it has established distribution points across the larger American continent and regions in Eastern Canada.


Gregory J Aziz worked and invested in various banking institutions and sectors respectively during the 80s. While working at these organizations, Gregory J Aziz was able to save up enough to start his own company. After moving from New York where was the base of his banking career, Greg moved back home and bought National Steel Car from Dofasco.

The experience Greg got while working in the banking sector has not only proved to be important in running his company, it also gave him an insight into managing finances in a way that enables a company to let its capital work for it and not the other way around. On purchasing National Steel Car from Dofasco, Greg primary objective was to transform the firm and make it profitable once more.


Under the helm of James Aziz, the National Steel Car has cemented its spot at the top as the leading freight manufacturer in the world. At the time he acquired the company, the production of freight cars was at a maximum of 3,500 each year. Crunching the data as of now, the National Steel Car is producing an excess of 12,000 freight car units on a yearly basis.


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