Choosing An Anesthesiologist: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

An emergency surgery is one of those situations. Due to a surprise accident or chronic health situation that has become suddenly acute, we find ourselves facing surgery. In these instances, we may not have the ability to choose our anesthesiologist. Fortunately, (if you are in the area) there are trusted professionals in Austin, Texas.

The prospect of surgery can be emotionally daunting. This is particularly true when a procedure requires general anesthesia. But, even with minor local anesthesia, we want to be certain that we are in the hands of someone experienced and conscientious. Capitol Anesthesiology in Austin is a partnership of doctors who are either board certified or are actively pursuing board certification. Their collective experience in all areas of anesthesia is unparalleled. The same holds true for the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and support staff who are a part of this caring team.

Not only is Capital Anesthesiology a group of highly trained physicians, they are a group of professionals with a large, warm collective heart in the community. Though involved with patient care (the number one priority) they continue to learn the newest techniques available in the forefront of their field.  This is the true measure of their commitment to patient care, because at Capital Anesthesiology, patients are neighbors — NOT statistics.